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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spout Extender

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My son is ALL about having things 'his size'.  I think all kids feel the same way.  It makes them feel important.  
Well, a couple of things were on my mind when we created this next craft
  1. My son was getting too big for me to hold up to the kitchen sink when he needed to wash his hands, and,
  2. I felt bad holding him up to the sink because I always feel like the edge of the counter is pressing into his little tummy
So, we had just finished this bottle of Mountain Dew, and I thought we should put it to some good use!  Yay for reusing!!
 I first cut off the top of the bottle, 
I removed the wrapper and then cut out a sort-of rectangular shape,

I then cut it a little shorter, grabbed a rubber band, and attached it to the faucet.  My son grabbed his little kitchen stool, stood there, and washed his hands.  He was so proud that he could reach the water 'all by himself'.  

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