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Thursday, November 19, 2015

SnapPower Guidelight Review

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* I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.
All opinions are 100% my own and honest.
I do not receive any compensation for clicks on links or if you purchase the product.

We have been hitting some bitter-sweet milestones here at our house lately.
With in the last 3 months my 2 year old has turned into a big boy :(
We got rid of the binky, he is fully potty trained, and the most recent event was taking down the crib and upgrading him to a toddler bed.
To be honest, I was pretty nervous to make the switch to the bed.
To get to our room from his he needs to walk down a hallway and then turn after a staircase down another hallway area.
He doesn't really sleep well through the night and will wake up a couple of times. I was really worried that one of those times, instead of calling me in, he would realize his new freedom and try to come to me on his own. 
I was nervous that he wouldn't see where he was going, because it's so dark, and would fall down the stairs.
Do you see my legitimate concerns here??
Here is where this amazing product comes in to play!
This is the SnapPower Guidelight.
It replaces your old outlet cover and doubles as a nightlight. It doesn't require any batteries or wires, and leaves your outlets free.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Homemade Yellow Cupcakes

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I must start out by being honest here; I've never really been a big cupcake person...
I know.
The only time I will really make them or even eat them is for a birthday party or event, but other than that I don't really think twice about them.
A few weeks ago however, my two boys were begging to bake cupcakes.
I honestly have no idea where it came from, but we were going to have family night and that's what they wanted for the dessert that evening.
I hardly ever have a box of cake mix on hand, which is what I would normally use to just make them and get it over with, so we turned to Pinterest and found a recipe to try.
We’ve made some tweaks to the original, and they turn out pretty dang delicious every time! 
Since we had a success, and we usually have all of the ingredients on hand, these have been added to our 'we will make again!' category.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

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It's a cold, cloudy, snuggly kind of day today so I thought I would finally get around to posting the full makeover I did in one of our bathrooms.
We've been in our house just over a year now, back when we first moved in we kind of just put up some decor we had on hand and left it at that.
I've been trying to take one room at a time and 'finish' it, and this one was at the top of my list.
Not only is it our kid's bathroom, but it is also the guest bathroom for anyone who might be over as well.
I've got some before and after pictures for you, and I listed where everything came from or how I made it.
Let's see how it all came together!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Learning Journey Color Fun Fish Bowl Review

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* I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.
All opinions are 100% my own and honest.
I DO NOT receive any compensation if you click the links provided or purchase the product mentioned.

My toddler and I are back with another review for you today!
If that company sounds familiar it's because we also had the chance to review their Alphabet Fish (if you missed that review be sure to check it out as well, you can find it here)
Christmas is fast approaching and I have to say, this fun and educational toy might just have to be added to your shopping list, let's check it out, shall we?
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