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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween cupcakes

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I decided I had to do one last Halloween post. 
Get it right in there before the holiday ended :)
It seems like the weekend before Halloween has as much celebrating as the day itself.
I call it Halloween weekend.
Last night we attended a trunk-or-treat.
If you've never been to a trunk-or-treat before,
the adults will line up their cars, usually in some sort of large circle, with the trunks all facing inward, and the kids will go from trunk to trunk for candy.
It was a lot of fun, and my son got soooo much candy.
It's ok though, we will help him :)
About half-way through the trunk-or-treating my husband called dibs on the regular sized Kit-Kat bar,
I will mostly go for anything in there.
Not really Whoopers or candy corn, but other than that I'm in!

People went all out and decorated their trunks.
I was impressed, there was some very creative decor.
There was also a chili cook-off and desserts.
I volunteered to bring a dozen cupcakes, and this is what I came up with.

I saw the mummy idea on Pinterest forever ago, and I always wanted to give it a shot. 
The eyes are just M&M's!
What did you do this Halloween weekend?
What candies do you search for in your kids buckets? 
It's ok, we all do it :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to make a chalkboard

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I had to do it, I had to jump on the 'make everything into a chalkboard' bandwagon.
It's so clever, I couldn't resist!
I've been seeing DIY chalkboards for like a year now, and my favorite use is the pregnancy tracker idea.
Well back in August, before we moved, my super cute friend/neighbor found out she was pregnant! Yay!! 
I am so happy for her!
I told her we HAD to make this.
It was soooo easy to make!
One thing I regret from when I was pregnant with my son was I didn't take that many pictures throughout the pregnancy, just more towards the end. So I don't really know when I started showing or when I started getting bigger.
We loved this idea because you can write down some info and then stand next to the board in the picture to show off the growing belly as well.
When I get pregnant again, (hopefully in the NEAR future), I am going to do this as well. 
But for now, we'll show off the one we made for my friend.
She ran to Home Depot and picked up a can of chalkboard paint and the board.
It was really long so we cut it in half to the size we wanted.
We then painted the board with the chalkboard paint.
My son loved this part!

Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Iron Man costume: Part 2

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My son's costume is done!!
(give me a moment while I victory dance around the family room)
Ok. If you missed the first part of this costume post, you can find it  here: DIY Iron Man costume
As you may recall, the only thing I had left to do on the costume was cover his 
hands and add the blasters.  
Well, today my son and I went grocery shopping, 
and I finally remembered to look for gloves to finish off his costume.
Well, I found them!
They came in a 2-pack for 97 cents!
It was so easy to whip them up, it only took about 15 minutes.
So here are the gloves before...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Felt pumpkin activity

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You might remember in my post the other day, my son and I made Halloween paper plate crafts to decorate our house, and my son came up with the creative idea to make the witch's hat out of felt...
well, if you don't remember, that's what happened :)
Anyways, I saw this felt pumpkin idea over at 
I decided, since we had the felt out, and the paper plates were drying,
that we should give this craft a try as well.

orange felt
black felt

I first cut out two orange circles for the pumpkin body.  I wanted to do two so my son could mix and match faces.
I then cut out different shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouths.
 Let the fun begin!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween paper plate craft

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The first week of October I was mainly focusing on making my son's Iron Man costume, check it out here if you missed that one.
This last week I knew we needed to put up some Halloween decor around the house.
I was strolling around on where else?  Pinterest of course, and I saw a picture of a paper plate ghost over at  Clean & Scentsible. The lady had used the ghost as Halloween decor for a party.
I used the same idea for the ghost, but then we decided we needed a few more pieces to go along with it.
We currently have a big, blank, white wall behind our dining room table, and I thought it would be the perfect spot to display our art work.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

DIY Iron Man costume

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Halloween is on it's way!
Yay!  I love Holidays!  From now until January is my favorite time of the year!
I know, I need to get around to decorating the house, but first we needed to make a costume.
I wanted to give myself plenty of time to make this, in case it didn't work.
My son decided he wanted to be Iron Man this year, thus furthering his super hero obsession...
I decided this was a task we could conquer, and I think we succeeded!
I started with a cardboard box and let my imagination run wild ;)
Total cost for me to make this costume so far...$0, gotta love that!!
I first cut out the 'chest plate' and the part to cover his stomach.
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