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Monday, January 27, 2014

Southwestern Quinoa Salad

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I have a new recipe for you!
This was my second attempt making quinoa and I must say I love having it as an option to throw in the mix of dinners.
This dish had really great flavor.
We actually ended up having some left over, so the next night for dinner I actually made nachos with it. I just added tortilla chips, cheese, and lettuce for a meatless version of nachos, and it was really good.
And it doesn't hurt that this is super simple to throw together :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow Paint

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Last year I saw this idea for snow paint on Pinterest, but we were living in California at the time, so I put it in the back of my mind.
Well, since we moved from California I knew I wanted to try this once it snowed.
The first snowfall we had my son REALLY wanted to build a fort.
So that's what we did.
It looks smaller in the picture than it really is...
The next time we went to play in the snow my husband wanted to take my son out to play, so we made some snow paint for them.
It's SO super simple!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Robot Snacks

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I was looking through the pictures on my camera the other day, and I found these and realized I had totally forgotten I had wanted to write this post!
So, my son's birthday was back in November. When a child in his class has a birthday, that child will bring in treats to share with the other kids. 
When I asked him what he would like to take he flat out told me he didn't want to take doughnuts or cupcakes.  Those were common birthday items other kids had brought. My son's not a big fan of doughnuts, and I didn't want to just go pick up a pack of something. I wanted us to make something together.
About a year ago I had seen a variation of these robot snacks on Pinterest, I showed a picture to my son and he LOVED the idea.
So these are the ones we came up with.
These were so easy and fun to make.
My son continually referred to these as 'his robot army'.
It was so cute.
So here are our supplies.
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