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Friday, June 22, 2012

No-sew Super Why Cape, Mask, and Why Writer

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For a while my son started really getting into a show called Super Why.  It's all about teaching kids how to read, I believe it's on PBS.  His favorite character on the show is the main one, Super Why.
Super Why image was found through Google.

I thought it would be so fun to turn my little guy into Super Why, he LOVED the idea as well.
So, I took an old shirt that didn't really fit anymore, turned it inside out (so I could see the seams), 

I cut along the inside of the inseams from the bottom all the way up and around the neck.  Don't cut the neck.  Voila!  Instant cape.

 For his mask I took a square of felt and an old stretched out hair tie, 
 I drew the shape of the mask on paper and put it up to my son's face to make sure the size would be right,
 Cut out the mask and two eye holes,
 Cut a small hole in the sides of the mask, cut the hair tie in half, and stick the ends through the small holes.  Tie the ends in a knot so it won't come back through, and done!
For the 'why writer' I took a foam sheet (purchased from the dollar store $1 for a pack of 32), and cut out a '?' shape,
 I just taped the '?' to the end of a pen, and done!
 He was SO excited, he ran around the house 'changing the stories' (it's from the show).
After I finished all that we watched the show, (he of course had to stay in costume), and he turns to me and says, "Mommy now can you please make me Super Why's flying shoes?"  Yeah, that one might be a little more difficult :)


  1. Thanks for this! My 2 yr old son is a huge fan, and will be going as Super Why for Halloween. I made him a mask a few weeks ago, and he's been wearing it all over the place. People think he is the Green Lantern. Just made the cape tonight from your idea and he loves it! Why writer is next...

    1. Ha ha that's adorable! Glad he loves it, thanks for the comment!


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