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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Angry Birds Cupcakes

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This is my third and final post about Angry Birds!  (Thank heavens).  Not that I don't love all the fun things it's entailed for us, but, it's nice to have finally posted everything.  

In my previous post I talked about how I made and Angry Birds golden egg pinata for my sons' birthday party.  Well, I also made Angry Birds cupcakes.  These were so fun to make!
*Don't judge me by the way that cookie sheet looks, I'm going to have to use a trick I saw on Pinterest to get that back in spectacular shape ;)
So, here's how they were made:

I just used a box of cake mix, and baked the cupcakes accordingly.  Once cooled I divided the frosting into four bowls and added the food coloring.  After frosting each cupcake I then dipped each one into sprinkles of the same color.  (That's another tip from Pinterest, if you pour out the sprinkles into a bowl, plate, etc. and dip the frosted cupcake, it does a perfect even coating of sprinkles, and you don't have to shake off any excess).

For the eyes and eyebrows, I used frosting in a bag with a pointy tip.  The tummy of the red bird is just a marshmallow.  The 'golden eggs' are marshmallows with yellow frosting, and the piggy's snouts are also marshmallows with green frosting.  All the beaks are made from pieces of marshmallow which were dipped in yellow food coloring. 

And that's it!  They were a huge hit at the party!

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  1. These are great! My son actually had an Angry Birds Birthday too! I store bought everything though. The epitome of laziness this year. :) Great job!


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