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Monday, March 31, 2014

'Yoda Best' FREE Valentine Printable

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Yes. This is a Valentine's post, in March...
I feel like I have kind of been all over the place lately...Don't worry people, I'm trying to get organized!
So, this will hopefully come in handy for you next year :)
My son is in preschool this year, which means it was going to be his first time handing out Valentines.
I had been thinking about what he would take to school for weeks...I get really excited around holidays, especially since I have kids. They make everything more fun and magical :)
So if you remember, a few months ago my son requested a Star Wars themed birthday party.
Well, we were still loving Star Wars, so my son said he wanted to do that for Valentine's Day.
This was so fun to make because we did all of the planning together.
I gave my son some ideas and he said he wanted to give out something with Yoda and light sabers (glow sticks).
This is what we came up with.

Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY Reversible Bibs

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My beautiful little chunky baby is 7 1/2 months old already!
It's true :( it's going by so quickly.
After I had my first son I held onto everything.
I knew I would be using it all again.
There are a couple of things I didn't use as much with my first that I am constantly using with my second. I had received some bibs during my first pregnancy where there is fabric on one side and a towel on the other. Well, my second baby is a drooler :). He is always sucking or chomping on everything, and his shirts get kind of soaked. So, I have been using those towel/fabric bibs, but I only had 2. 
These bibs are the best for catching drool, so I decided I needed to make some more for myself.

Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Remove Carpet Stains

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Today I have a cleaning post for you.
Let's start out with our before and afters, shall we?
Looks pretty good, eh?
I first saw this carpet cleaning method over at DIY & Crafts and I pinned it for a time when I would need it.
Well as you can tell in the before picture, I needed it :)
This was our apartment in California. This was our family room area, just after walking in through the front door.
When we first moved in they had just cleaned the carpets.
It looked beautiful.
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