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Friday, September 25, 2015

'Twix' Dessert Bars

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I haven't posted a recipe on here for a while, which is weird because I've been finding some great ones on Pinterest that we've really liked.
I'm sure I'll get around to them, but I HAD HAD HAD to share this one with you all.
These are seriously ah-maz-ing!!!!
I actually first pinned this recipe almost 2 years ago, and just never got around to making it.
I am so glad I finally did though because now that I know how awesome it is, it will be whipped up MANY times in the future. I can't believe how much these actually taste like a Twix bar.
Sooooo good people.
This recipe is perfect to have on hand to use it at all of your upcoming holiday festivities.
It's also one that you can make ahead, and stores really well.
These only lasted a couple of days at our house before they were gone, and they were still just as yummy as the first day we made them.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

LURAP Custom Clothing Review

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*I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.
I DO NOT receive any financial compensation if you click on the links provided or make a purchase from the company.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a representative from a company called LURAP (L-ove UR  Ap-perance). They asked if I would be interested in reviewing a garment from their website,
I was thrilled with the opportunity and hopped over to their site right away to see what they were all about.
The company boasts that they have sizes 0-36w and you can customize any piece for a minimal fee so it fits you.
If you've been around the blog here for a while, you might remember last year I was contacted by a different custom clothing company and offered a garment custom made for me.
You can find that full review on my blog, but let's just say I wasn't impressed (after receiving two dresses that were too big...)
Maybe that's why I was so thrilled with another opportunity here to have something made to fit ME.
That's the problem a lot of us have is finding something that actually FITS.
Something we don't have to alter.
After searching the website for a bit I made a choice.
The dress I choose is called Draped Midi Dress (pictured below on the left, that is the stock image from their website to show you what kind of fit I was EXPECTING to receive, and on the right we have the dress I ACTUALLY received).
I will get into the details on that in a second.
I had picked this dress for a couple of reasons; I know the holidays are coming up in a few short months and I will be further along in my pregnancy. I know we've got a few events to attend, and I wanted to have something pretty, comfortable, flattering, and that I can dress up.
From the waist down the dress is wrapped, and the fabric is a cotton jersey. This would give the dress a chance to stretch a little over my expanding belly.
It's also machine washable, so, you know...super plus there.
The company was easy to work with and responded to emails pretty quickly.
I also sent my EXACT measurements and I asked to make the sleeves a 3/4 length instead of full length, and I excitedly waited.
A few days later I received the following email from the compay:

"Hi Michelle

We received an update from our design and manufacturing team that the hip size given by you was 32". Is it correct? According to them it should be around 36". Please confirm asap."

I was surprised they would say my measurements 'should' be larger, but I responded to the email saying the measurements I had sent were correct. I also asked if there was a reason for that, but I never received a response.
To be honest I was a little worried, and I was right...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Towel Hook Tutorial

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Over the last week or so I have been dabbling in about 10 different projects around our house.
One of these said projects is re-doing our guest bathroom/the kids bathroom.
While I have not yet completed the transformation, (I still am deciding on wall decor...) I wanted to share this simple yet amazing transformation that has already made a huge difference, and anyone can tackle!
I ended up installing 4 hooks, and I've got lots of pictures to show how it all came to be.
Pictured below is our bathroom before.
Yes, I did paint the walls a fresh airy light blue color, and got a new shower curtain, but I will talk more about all those details when I post the full bathroom makeover. (Stay tuned!)
Right now I want to focus on where our towels were hanging. Or, I should say towel.
That's it, one small towel bar that only fit one towel with a very big empty wall...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier

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*I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review on my blog.

All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

I am back with another review for you all today, and I am really excited about this one!
Today I am talking all about the Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier. This baby carrier is a long piece of cotton fabric with two solid plastic rings at the top for the fabric to slide through, making the carrier completely adjustable.
There were many color choices to choose from, but I chose the 'Red Anchors' carrier which is white and blue striped with small anchors all over it.
My newest little one obviously isn't here yet, so I borrowed my cute neighbor and her 3 month old to test this out a little bit for us.
(I believe this is the 'koala hold' we have him in here)
She's not even holding onto him in this picture, leaving her hands free, and his little neck is completely supported!
Her verdict? She loves it! I wanted her to give this carrier a try because a few weeks ago I had seen her using a wrap carrier with her little guy, and I wanted to get her comparison on the two.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Wall Decor

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I love looking through Pinterest and getting inspired by so many different decorating styles and ideas, and I wanted to share my own in hopes that someone else can be inspired too.
I have kind of fallen in love with this look, mostly because almost all of the pieces we used were already ours and they have a little backstory, which I will share.
Between our family room and dining area windows there is a blank wall.
The only thing that separates the rooms is the flooring, it changes from carpet to hard floor.
We have high ceilings which also adds to the large blank look.
I had a couple of ideas floating around on what I wanted to put there, but it took me forever to finally decide and get it done.
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