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Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Learning Journey Color Fun Fish Bowl Review

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* I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.
All opinions are 100% my own and honest.
I DO NOT receive any compensation if you click the links provided or purchase the product mentioned.

My toddler and I are back with another review for you today!
If that company sounds familiar it's because we also had the chance to review their Alphabet Fish (if you missed that review be sure to check it out as well, you can find it here)
Christmas is fast approaching and I have to say, this fun and educational toy might just have to be added to your shopping list, let's check it out, shall we?
This fish bowl has 2 play modes.
The first is a learning color mode; this is where the toy asks your child to insert a fish through a slot in the top of the bowl and then it tells your child what color it was.
When my son placed the first fish in the slot the bowl said it was a different color, I then watched him do the second one and we figured out that they need to be inserted with the front facing out so the sensor can indicate the right color.
I just mentioned to my son that he needed to make sure he could see the eyes on the fish when he put it through the slot. From then on we didn't have any issue with the bowl saying the wrong color.
Easy peesy.
The second mode is a find it mode where it asks your child to find a specific color of fish. If your child inserts the correct color the bowl says 'correct' or another positive phrase. If your child inserts the wrong color the bowl says 'uh oh, try again!'

There are 10 different colored fish included, and all of the fish can be stored inside the fish bowl when your little one is all done playing.
I love an easy clean-up ;)
My little guy loves this toy and actually plays with it quite often. 
It's one of the toys I can put on the ground next to me while I am cooking dinner and he will sit and play for a few minutes.
Click here for the direct link to the Color Fun Fish Bowl on Amazon.
Or you can head over to the The Learning Journey website and check out all of the other amazing toys they have available.
I'm going to remind you again that Christmas is coming!! Ha ha.

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