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Thursday, November 19, 2015

SnapPower Guidelight Review

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* I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.
All opinions are 100% my own and honest.
I do not receive any compensation for clicks on links or if you purchase the product.

We have been hitting some bitter-sweet milestones here at our house lately.
With in the last 3 months my 2 year old has turned into a big boy :(
We got rid of the binky, he is fully potty trained, and the most recent event was taking down the crib and upgrading him to a toddler bed.
To be honest, I was pretty nervous to make the switch to the bed.
To get to our room from his he needs to walk down a hallway and then turn after a staircase down another hallway area.
He doesn't really sleep well through the night and will wake up a couple of times. I was really worried that one of those times, instead of calling me in, he would realize his new freedom and try to come to me on his own. 
I was nervous that he wouldn't see where he was going, because it's so dark, and would fall down the stairs.
Do you see my legitimate concerns here??
Here is where this amazing product comes in to play!
This is the SnapPower Guidelight.
It replaces your old outlet cover and doubles as a nightlight. It doesn't require any batteries or wires, and leaves your outlets free.
There is a small circle in the bottom corner that is the sensor, so when it detects light it turns the nightlight off, and when it senses that it is darker the nightlight will automatically come on.
 These three circles on the bottom of the outlet are the LED nightlights.
 The moment we got the box from the mail my toddler and I got to work installing these.
I shouldn't really even say 'installing' because it's so easy to put these on!
We first turned off the circuit breaker switch, then we took off the old outlet cover.
 This is the back of the SnapPower Guidelight, the two prongs sticking out go inside the outlet box, around the actual outlet. There are two small metal circles that are on the inside of the prongs, that is where the nightlight gets the power from.
 All ready to go!
 I turned the lights off in the hallway to show you it lit up.
I have to say that I LOVE these!
The day after we put these up we switched my toddler to his big boy bed, big moment!
I have had total peace of mind that if he gets out of bed he will be able to see where he's going. I would know, because he has called me into his room a couple of times and I haven't had to turn on any lights. These lights give off the perfect brightness.
Both of the outlets we put these on are in a high traffic area, with my kids and their friends running down the halls constantly, and I don't ever have to worry about them running into a nightlight that sticks out and breaking it off.
In the next couple of months we are also planning on finishing our basement, and we are already planning on putting some more of these down the stairs and in the basement hallways for the kids.
To check out the SnapPower website, grab these guidelights for yourself, and check out their other products, (like outlet covers with built-in USB chargers..!!), click here.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I worry about my girls and the stairs in the night too, so we have some plain night lights. But these look really sleek and handy too!

    1. I think it's definitely a concern for a lot of parents, these are so easy to install and so practical!


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