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Monday, August 3, 2015

PVC Pipe Sprinkler 'Ride-through'

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We had an incredibly hot June this year.
Like low 100's every day for almost the whole month!
Needless to say, we needed some ways for the kids to cool down...
I grabbed my stash of random PVC pipe pieces, and after searching Pinterest for a few minutes, came up with a plan.
I saw a picture for this idea but when I clicked the link it didn't take me anywhere.
I decided to just try looking at the picture, and pretty much figure out what I needed to do.
I think the whole think only took about 30 minutes or so to get it done.
We have a plumbing/sprinkler supply store really close to our house, so we made a quick trip over there to find the connector pieces.
My awesome neighbor let me borrow his pvc pipe cutters, which made the whole task so much easier!
I just started grabbing pieces and cutting what I thought were good lengths.
To make it easier for a tutorial though I will list everything I had
The pvc pipe I used is 3/4" and I cut 12 pieces total.
Pieces to cut:
crossbars 53" long (cut 2)
legs 60" (cut 4) 
end feet 6" (cut 4)
middle feet 24" (cut 2)

For the connectors you will need:
4 elbow-type connectors (they connect the crossbar and the legs)
3 end caps (to cover the end feet)
4 'T' type connectors (to connect the end foot, middle foot, and leg)
1 hose connector (goes on one end foot)
I was going to glue everything together, but then I decided I wanted to be able to take it all apart to store it for winter.
By just inserting all the pieces into the connectors it was able to hold together when the water ran through, so I didn't need the glue anyways.
Here is one of the stands put together.
Here we have the end feet, the 'T' type connectors, and the middle feet pictured.
A better view of the end cap for you...
After I had cut everything I drilled holes in the top cross bar on the underside so the water would pour down on the kids.
 I just drilled the holes about every 2".
This is the hose connector piece that I was able to find.
Assembly in progress...
All ready to go!
We have used the sprinkler on the sidewalk which allowed the kids to ride bikes and scooters through, and we have also used it on the grass allowing the kids to run through, and the grass to be watered!
I hope my explanation makes sense!
If not, please feel free to ask any questions you may have!


  1. Wonderful idea! We had near record breaking heat yesterday. I would have parked my lawn chair under this and enjoyed the cool down.

    1. Ha ha I might have run through myself a couple of times!

  2. That is an amazing idea, thanks for adding to Linked

  3. That is so fun! My kids would totally love that!


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