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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pregnancy Announcement and some advice

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I've got some exciting news to share...
That's right!
We are expecting baby #3!!
(I actually started this post last we are already a week behind...better late than never I guess!)
We are beyond thrilled and our little family can't wait to embark on this journey together.
I actually took the pregnancy test on a Saturday while my husband and oldest son were out running errands. I of course wanted to tell them when they got back, and it seemed like it took them FOREVER to get home!
I showed them the test and we all started jumping, screaming, was awesome!
Our oldest insists it is a girl this time and every time he gets a chance he will put his face into my stomach and say 'hi baby girl!'
My toddler has started doing that now too.
They are adorable.

Since this is my third time around I wanted to take a minute and share some tips I've learned and used over the course of my pregnancies.

1. Do lots of research
The first thing I do after getting a positive pregnancy test, (besides calling, texting, and telling everyone we see...), is call and set up an appointment with my doctor. We have moved quite a few times, so I have had to change doctors a lot. I need to make sure I find someone who works with my insurance plan. You want a provider who is in-network so your insurance will cover as much as possible. This also applies to the hospital you want to deliver at. You need to make sure the hospital is in-network, and that your doctor will deliver at that hospital.

2. Be prepared for your first visit
I like to make sure my health care provider does an ultrasound at the first appointment.
For me it's just more of a peace of mind thing. I want to know how many little ones are in there, and they are also able to measure the baby and see how far along you actually are.
 Make sure you check with your health-care provider about what you are and aren't able to do during your pregnancy.
There are a mountain of no-no's that come with pregnancy; what you shouldn't be eating/drinking anymore, physical activity, sleep positions, etc.
It might seem a little overwhelming, but you want to make sure you are giving your baby a safe, healthy start.
Ask lots of questions about medications you may be on or have been recommended to you.
I myself have never really experienced morning sickness.
I feel pretty nauseated with this pregnancy, but nothing that keeps me down too long or requires any medicine.
There are however instances where women are so sick they can't get out of bed, and they NEED something.
Previously there was a drug called Zofran that was used to help eleviate morning sickness, it is now being investigated for potentially causing birth defects.
Not all medicines will have problems, but do some research and make sure the benefits far out-weigh the risks.
You can do some more research on medications you might have questions on at websites like American Recall Center.

3. Try to let your other children feel involved
Our oldest was almost 4 when we decided we were ready to try for baby #2.
We told him we wanted to give him a sibling and have our little family grow.
The minute I got my positive pregnancy test I showed it to my son.
He was so excited for daddy to come home so we could tell him together.
I took my son with me to all of my appointments and the doctor and staff were amazing, they let my son squirt the gel on my belly and help measure my stomach.
My son would lay his head on my belly and wait for his brother to kick him, (he thought it was hilarious).
I loved all of this because our oldest felt like he already had a connection to our second even before he was born.

4. You will have crazy emotions, just roll with them
Excited. Scared. Sad. Pissed. Annoyed. Happy. Frustrated. Reminiscent. Impatient.
All at the same time.
The other day I was watching a video on Facebook and I just started sobbing.
Like full on crying.
Dead serious. I don't even remember what the video was about...
About a week ago I was thinking about my oldest starting first grade and I had a mini panic attack that before I knew it he would be moving out of the house and I started crying, again.
We get emotional anyways, add pregnancy hormones in there and we are done for.

5. You will gain weight
No one is immune to the weight gain.
It might be all in your belly, your butt, hips, legs, back, feet, somewhere.
It doesn't have to be bad though.
Being smart about what you are eating and getting some physical activity is not only good for you and the baby, but it could also help you after you've delivered by not having so much excess weight to lose.

6. Try not to get offended
I am serious.
Remember those crazy emotions I mentioned before?
Well, add someone's awesome comment into the mix and it might be hard to not punch them in the face...
People don't normally walk around and comment to your face on your body size, but for some reason when someone sees a pregnant person they must comment...for example (these are from real-life experience folks)...
"You're only _________ far along?!? Wow! You're so big! I thought you were much further..."
"Oh my, look at your big belly!! Are you having twins?"
"You look so big! Are you just so uncomfortable?"
"You look like you are just stretched to the max..."
I could go on and on, and I'm sure you all could as well.
Just smile and move one.

7. Try to get a good sleep
I am a stomach sleeper.
I love to lay flat on my stomach with one leg up.
It's soooooo comfortable.
Obviously having a large beach-ball shaped belly prevents me from doing that. Even at the beginning of this pregnancy it kind of hurts to sleep on my stomach.
Thankfully when I was pregnant with my second I found a body pillow at Target for like $9.
Life saver!
I now sleep on my side with the body pillow between my knees.

8. Clothing choices
Good luck.
I hated shopping for maternity clothes, so for my first pregnancy I didn't buy any.
I couldn't find anything that would fit right.
I did however invest in 2 belly bands. They were amazing.
I would wear my regular jeans, with a rubber band looped through the button hole to keep them up, and a belly band over it so you couldn't see the rubber band. (I Googled belly bands so you can see what I'm talking about, just click here and it will take you to the Google search page).
You're welcome.
With my second pregnancy I was bigger through the summer, so I was able to get away with wearing knee-length maxi skirts.

9. Be frugal
Babies are expensive.
If you can get hand me downs or buy gently used, do it!
A lot of the newborn stuff doesn't get used very much anyways because babies grow so quickly. Looking for good deals or re-purposing is a great way to save money.
I was lucky enough to get a lot of clothes from my nephew for my oldest, and I held on to everything and have used it for my second child as well.
If I buy anything gently used I like to make sure it's from a smoke-free pet-free home, and once I get it home I will wash/clean it right away.

It's an amazing/exciting time to go through.
I hope this post may come in handy for someone!
Thanks for reading!


  1. CONGRATS and thanks for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Awesome tips!! Thank you for sharing on the Saturday Bowdabra Crafty Showcase!


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