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Monday, October 13, 2014

Mickey Mouse Hooded Towel

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One of my sweet little nephews celebrated his first birthday not too long ago, and his birthday was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed.
My baby has a hooded towel, and I love that I can wrap him up all snug and warm after a bath, so that's what I wanted to make for my nephew.
At first I thought about making a cute animal towel, but as soon as I saw some black and red towels at the store one day I knew I wanted to try and make him a Mickey Mouse hooded towel to go along with his birthday theme.
I searched online for some ideas, but I wanted to make something different than what I had seen, so this is what I came up with.
To get an idea of the finished size here we have my 14 month old modeling for you.
(This towel also fit my almost 6 year old, it went down to his calf).

I started out with regular sized bath towels.
 Cut both of the towels in half, lengthwise.
 Pin the black towel and red towel together along the cut edge.
 Sew the towels together giving yourself about a 1/2" seam.
Open the towel up and you will have two small 'flaps'.
Take the 'flaps' and roll it under itself...if that makes sense, 
 and then sew along so you don't have any raw towel edges.
This will keep it from fraying,
 All sewn up!
 Cut out 2 oval shapes.
I had a leftover towel from when I made burp cloths, so I was able to use those scraps,
 I then ironed the ovals on to some Heat n' Bond, I thought it would be a good way to keep the edges from fraying,
 Place the ovals on the towel and pin them in place.
 Sew around the edges.
I used a zigzag stitch,
You could be done with the towel there and have it look like this, or you can continue on and add the hood.
For the hood, cut out a half circle. You will want to try and cut the hood so the straight part is the edge of the towel. It just gives it a nice clean edge.
The straight part is about 14" across and about 9" tall at the middle part.
You will then cut out another half circle that is 16" across and about 7" tall.
Fold the raw edge over and sew around the whole thing so you don't have any raw edges.
 Next, cut out the ears. It won't be a complete circle, you will leave a small part sticking out at the bottom that is straight. Cut out 4 pieces.
 Sew 2 pieces together and leave the bottom open.
Turn the ears inside out.
They should look something like this, and then repeat for the other ear.

 Place the hood pieces together and line up along the top.
Place the ears inside and line the straight part up with the edge of the hood pieces.

Pin it all together, and then sew around the whole thing.

 Turn it inside out and you have a hood!
 Then next step is to just attach the hood to the towel.
 and sew!
 And that's it!
 A hooded Mickey towel to keep you little one all snug and warm after a bath :)


  1. You're so talented! Amazing! And your model is the cutest!

  2. VERY cute! I've been wanted to some hooded towels, but haven't got around to it yet. The Mickey idea is awesome! Over The Apple Tree

  3. This is so adorable!! Great job!

  4. Super cute! I have a Mickey & Minnie fan around here too who would LOVE this.

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