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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Avengers Super Hero Capes

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Do you remember from my last post I mentioned that I had been designing and crafting?
Well, I am here now to show you what I was up to!
I had someone place an order for some super hero masks, and she then asked if I could do capes as well.
I have made capes in the past, but nothing like this.
 I told her I could make some, and I was so excited to come up with these templates!

Here are the symbols closer up so you can see them a little bit better.

I will show you a couple of step-by step pictures so you can see how it all came together.
I started by cutting a simple cape shape out of fabric.
The cape measured about 13" across at the shoulders and it was about 20" long from the neck.
Then fold under the edges and sew around the whole thing so there aren't any raw edges.
I sewed on velcro at the neck to make it easy for little ones to get on and off.
Print and cut out the template shapes and trace them on to the paper side of Heat n' Bond (I used the one in the red pack. The one you don't sew on).
Iron the Heat n' Bond (shiny side down) on to the fabric.

Then cut the shape out.

For the Hulk fist, before you print it out make sure you 'mirror' the image. I wanted the fist to face the other way, but I forgot it would be backwards.
Also, labeling the parts of the hand is helpful to make sure the fingers and everything are in the right spot.

For Hulk, Iron on the black circle first,
then iron on the pieces of the hand.

All complete!
For Captain America iron on the red circle first,
then the white ring,
the blue circle,
and finish off with the star.
For Thor iron on the white circle first,
then the black ring,
then the hammer pieces.
For Iron Man iron on the white circle first,
then the black chest blaster piece.

For the Captain America shield template click here.
For the Iron Man blaster template click here.
For the Hulk fist click here.
For Thor's hammer click here.
To check out the tutorial for the masks click here.
(The masks are not my design, there is a link in the post to the original post to download the free templates).


  1. You are amazing, Michelle!!! I LOVE these!!!!!

  2. OMGosh I agree you're amazing!!! I love how these came out.

  3. totally awesome super hero cape and great diy tutorial to make your own super hero capes! appreciate your sharing with us!

  4. these are so awesome! great tutorial - my lil one would love one of these capes but more girly :) thanks for sharing!!

  5. So cute! My niece and nephew would love these for their imagination boxes.

  6. These are so cool! Our kids would have loved these for playing dress-up when they were little. And they would make quick, inexpensive Halloween costumes too.

  7. So cute--and the masks are perfect!

  8. So cute! I have a couple super heroes at my house who would just LOVE these! Thanks for sharing! Pinning!
    -Michelle @ The Gracious Wife

  9. These are so cute! A perfect idea for Halloween!
    Melanie @

  10. Your fabulous project is one of my features for this week's Show Me Saturday Linky Party! YAY!
    ~ Ashley

    Psst... you can also link up to the Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party! that I am hosting today! ;)

  11. Hi, Michelle! I LOVE these capes...and I have three little boys who would love them too. Glad to have found you on Show Me Saturday! Pinned. :)

  12. Fabulous, great for my grand sons...

  13. Those are fantastic! Love the matching set of cape + mask. Thanks for linking up to Show Me Saturday! Hope to see you there again this week.

  14. I love this! I know a 5 year old boy that will be very excited to get this as a gift!

  15. Yes I do! I tried emailing you, but I can't find any contact info for you. Please email me at

  16. These came out great! I wanted to let you know that I am featuring these at

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