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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eternal Girl Etsy Shop Review

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* Disclaimer:
I received a necklace from Eternal Girl Etsy Shop for free-in exchange for an honest review and spotlight on my blog.

Hello all!
This past week I was contacted by Julia, she is the amazing artist behind the Eternal Girl Etsy Shop.
Why would I use the term 'artist' you might ask? Well, there are over 50 items in the shop, and each piece  is henna inspired, and hand-drawn folks!
After browsing through her shop for literally less than 2 seconds I had already found a few pieces that caught my eye.
Black Swan Necklace
Cosmos Flower Necklace
Cosmos Flower Necklace
The one I received was White Orchid Necklace
This is the cute box the necklace arrived in.
I love the pendant and chain. I think they have a very beautiful vintage feel.
I'm super excited to wear this necklace to church today. I already put together an outfit in my head just so I could wear it :)
I love new jewelry, when you're pregnant it's nice to have something that makes you feel more put together and completes a look.
Head on over to Julia's blog
or Etsy shop
and check out all of the other masterpieces she has.

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