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Saturday, March 16, 2013

17 weeks

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Hello everyone!
If you've been following along, you may have noticed I didn't do a 16 week pregnancy post.
I have a ton of different things I could blame for not getting it posted, but when it comes down to it, I just wasn't able to get it done.
Oh well.
On to a new week!
My son decided he wanted to help me with the chalkboard this week.
I LOVE how this turned out.
There is a smiley face, a heart, and the next thing is supposed to be Turnip from a show on Nick Jr called Octonauts (because I told my son the baby is about the length of a turnip. No, he has no idea what that is, he just knows on Bubble Guppies one of the little characters is named Turnip, at least we think that's it's name...)
I think this is my favorite chalkboard so far :)
Weight gain: 3 lbs
Cravings: I get random cravings at random times, mostly depending on what's around me or what I'm thinking about. This week I was craving movie theater popcorn, Panda Express, fried chicken...see, it's just all over the place. The nice thing is the cravings only last a few minutes until my mind is distracted by something else.
Maternity clothes? Nope. I have no idea how I've been able to manage wearing my normal pants this long. At the beginning of this pregnancy I felt like I needed maternity pants the day after I found out I was pregnant...I guess a lot of it was in my head...anyways, I wore my normal pants clear through my first pregnancy, so here's hoping I can pull that off again :)
Events: We had an appointment last week and we were able to hear the heartbeat again. My son of course loved it, he got to help the doctor use the machine again.
Oh, last night my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching one of our shows, and the baby was moving around, a lot, so I grabbed my husband's hand and had him hold it on my belly for a minute, and he felt the baby kick!!
We have our next appointment in 2 weeks to find out what we are having, we are so excited!!

Anyone want to guess, boy or girl?


  1. Hi Michelle, popping over from the Super Sunday Sync, and I'm a new follower on BlogLovin'. :) I loooove the illustrations your son added to the chalkboard!!

    MC of Fun-A-Day!

  2. You are looking fabulous, Michelle! So kicking already? How fun...I already love that little one. See you in a few weeks!

  3. Visiting from Sunday Sync - your blog is so cheery! You look great, and I love your son's contribution to the chalkboard this week!


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