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Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Iron Man costume: Part 2

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My son's costume is done!!
(give me a moment while I victory dance around the family room)
Ok. If you missed the first part of this costume post, you can find it  here: DIY Iron Man costume
As you may recall, the only thing I had left to do on the costume was cover his 
hands and add the blasters.  
Well, today my son and I went grocery shopping, 
and I finally remembered to look for gloves to finish off his costume.
Well, I found them!
They came in a 2-pack for 97 cents!
It was so easy to whip them up, it only took about 15 minutes.
So here are the gloves before...

 Using white felt scraps I had laying around, I cut out two circles. 
My husband and son then told me the blasters had blue in them as well, so I drew a ring around the outside edge with a blue marker.
I was going to use a hot glue gun and just glue the circles on, but I figured this way was less 'permanent'.
So, using a needle and thread I just hand sewed around the circle.
Just big stitches, nothing fancy. 
 A nice close-up for you :)
 All complete!
 "Mom, this is how Iron Man blasts!"
 Ha ha I love the seriousness :)


  1. What an awesome Iron Man costume! I'm sure your son will LOVE dressing up in this! I'd love for you to share this at our ongoing linky that's just for Pretend Dress Up Clothes...

  2. So cute, my boys would be super happy if I made them a costume like this!

  3. Best costume ever! I love Iron Man!!

    Thanks for hopping with us at the CHQ Blog Hop this week! Hope you've made some new bloggy friends!
    xo, Meredith @

  4. Very very cute! My husband wanted me to make all the avengers costumes for my kids...If I get crazy enough to do it I will remember this! Pinning.

    1. How many kids do you have? That would be so fun, good luck!!

  5. Awesome work! My daughter is already on me to make this for her...Thanks for taking the time to post a tutorial:D

  6. Great costume! Im a new follower from the hop!

  7. This is the cutest thing!! I love it and the light circles work. My son's first costume was a Dalmatian puppy where I bought the ears and tail pin-on but I cut out black circles and sewed it onto the onuses he was wearing. He was only 3 months at the time.
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow back.

    1. Thanks! That sounds so cute :) I love little babies all dressed up!

  8. What a fun and creative costume! So cute and making lots of fun memories, too. I still have fond memories of the costumes my mom took the time to make for me.

    1. Thank you! It's a lot of fun, I try to include my son in most everything I do, and hope he'll look back and remember the fun times :)

  9. This is awesome. I wish I found your original post a few weeks ago! My daughter LOVES Iron Man and we were going to make her a costume, but ended up buying a store bought one.

    Lacey @

  10. He looks AMAZING!! You did such a wonderful job! An Iron Man costume would have thrown me through a loop. :)

  11. This is adorable. Makes me think I should do this with some of the masks we have around here. I found you on a linkup. If you have a few Christmas posts that you want to add to my link up feel free I will have it open a month and will be posting it a few more times during my 25 days xmas giveaways to get views on it. the snowflakes would be a good fit or anyother ones you have that i did not see.


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