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Friday, January 19, 2018

DIY Valentine's Photo Booth and Props

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Last year for our February Relief Society (women’s group in our church) activity we decided to host a Valentine’s dance for all of the adults in our ward.
They had actually done it the year before and had a really good turnout, so we wanted to do it again.
We wanted to add a few new things to the evening though.
One of the things we wanted to add was a photo area with some fun props.
I was able to either make the thugs we needed, or find them for really cheap, so I put together this post for you in case it can help out!
These are the items I made, chalkboard signs, big red lips, and black mustaches.
Didn’t these turn out so cute?!

For the chalkboard signs I just grabbed an empty diaper box I had on hand and cut out 2 oval shapes.
I had this can of chalkboard spray paint left over from another project, so I already knew it would get the job done for me.
I then took my cardboard outside and spray painted my oval shapes.
I did two coats of paint just in case, and then let them dry completely.
For the lips and mustaches I found this really thick foam at Hobby Lobby for just .99 a sheet.
(I grabbed one red sheet and one black sheet).
I drew out some big red lips with a pencil and then cut them out.
I did two of these.
I then drew two mustache shapes and cut those out as well.
I had found this pack of thick wooden skewers for just $1 at the dollar store. 
I cut off the sharp end of the skewers,
Using a hot glue gun I glued the skewer to the back of the foam lips and mustaches.
Once I had finished those I grabbed my 'chalkboard signs'
Do you see the little holes along the edge of the cardboard?
I squeezed some glue into one of the holes in the middle,
and then I slid the skewer into that same hole.
All done!
You could totally add a border or something around the edges of these signs, or just leave them as-is.
These are all of the props we had available the night of the Valentine's dance.
The silver glittery hat, the heart shaped glasses, the chalk, and the sparkly heart wreath were all found at Dollar Tree.
This was our backdrop.
We just hung three white plastic table cloths from the dollar store and then hung some red crepe paper where the table cloths met so you couldn't tell they were separate pieces.
The heart garland was made with pink foam, red foam, and white yarn.
 The tutorial for the heart garland can be found here.

It was fun seeing couples go over and find the different props they wanted to use and see what they wrote on the signs!

I hope this post was helpful!


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