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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Relief Society Super Saturday: Emergency Preparedness

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I've mentioned here on my blog before that I'm in charge of planning the monthly activities for our Relief Society (women's church group). 
Once a year there is an activity that is a little bigger, more involved, and is usually for crafting. 
It's called Super Saturday.
Last year for our Super Saturday I had 2 crafts available for people to make, a temple string art plaque and a reversible 2x4 wood block craft. 
(You can find the post for that here)
This year, after discussing some options, we decided to do something a little different. We know that some of the ladies in our ward, (myself included), are behind in our emergency preparedness. We either don't really know where to start, or what the best options are, or are just overwhelmed in general and don't want to start at all.
Emergency preparedness has been a pretty big part of our church for a very long time, so we figured it might be helpful to highlight some parts and talk about the importance of it.
We came up with a title (theme) for our activity;
"If you are prepared you won't be scared"
A few weeks prior to the activity I created a poster to leave at the church for the women to see.
The poster had our title/theme across the top and then listed the following:
- 72 hr backpacks
- basic First-Aid kits
- important documents binder 
- food storage mini class 
- First-Aid mini class
- being spiritally prepared
*Lunch will be served
*Nursery will be provided

I'll kind of explain how we got everything together and go through the set up of it all.

In the weeks leading up to the activity we contacted two people to do the mini classes and 1 person for the spiritual preparedness part.
I went to the Dollar Tree and Walmart to get supplies for our basic first aid kits and important documents binder. We had sent sign ups around for these two things so we could get an idea of how many people to purchase the items for. 

For the basic first aid kits each person got the following:

- medium sized rectangular plastic container with lid (dollar store)
- Ibuprofen 40 count (dollar store)
- bandaids 30 count (dollar store)
- spray bottle of rubbing alcohol (dollar store)
- spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide (dollar store)
- hand sanitizer (dollar store)
- 1 pair disposable gloves (Walmart)
- antibiotic ointment tube (dollar store)
- Lysol wipes 15 count (dollar store)
- travel pack of Kleenex (Walmart)
- medical tape (dollar store)
- rolled gauze (dollar store)
- antibacterial wipes 3 pack (dollar store)
- Qtips, handful in snack sized baggie (dollar store)
- cotton balls, handful in a snack sized baggie (dollar store)
- Icy Hot patch (dollar store)

For the Important Documents binder everyone got a 1" hard binder (with rings), 20 clear sheet protectors, and a checklist of things to include in their binder when they got home.

The morning of the activity we set up the different stations. 
Once all of the women had arrived we said an opening prayer and splits everyone into 2 groups. 
One group started at the First-Aid mini class and the other group went to the food storage mini class. 
Each class went about 15-20 minutes and then the groups swapped. 

After the classes everyone came back together and I did a quick presentation of a 72 hr backpack.
We talked about what was inside, some suggestions for people with kids, pets, etc. and then I handed out a checklist for them to take home as a guide to getting started on the backpacks.
(The 72 hr checklist can be found here)
Next I showed them the two tables we had set up. One table had the binders and sheet protectors, 
(the Important Documents checklist can be found here)
and the other had the First -Aid supplies.
I explained to the ladies that they would go to the Important Documents table and grab 1 binder, 20 sheet protectors, and a checklist. At the other table (First-Aid) they got to grab the items and put them in their bucket.

Everyone put together their kits and then we lined up for the food. 
Once we all had our plates and had started eating, we had a Brother from our ward talk to us about being spiritually prepared. It was beautifully done. He talked about how with disasters we know which disasters require which preparation, but with spiritual disasters it comes down to 'Who Am I?' And 'Who is God to Me?' 

We had a couple of women come up to us after and thank us saying they had been struggling to get started with emergency preparedness and had been praying for guidance. I'm so thankful we were able to help them and I hope this helps anyone else who may need it!

If you have any questions about how we did anything let me know!
Thanks for reading 😊

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