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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bird Feeder Craft

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My middle son is at that magical age of curiosity and fascination.
Age 3 1/2.
I absolutely love it.
He is constantly asking about things he sees and is genuinely curious about everything.
I've wanted to make a bird feeder with him for a while, and a few days ago was warm and sunny so we decided it was the perfect time.
We wanted to make the feeder out of things we already had around the house, and we wanted to make it functional and give the birds a place to sit while they eat.
After a little searching online we put some ideas together and created this little feeder.
I've included pictures and details of how we put this together.
From start to finish it probably took us around 20 minutes.
We grabbed an empty toilet paper tube, and poked two holes in the sides at one end, and four holes at the other end.
 Here are our supplies all rounded up.
 We spread some peanut butter all around the top portion of the tube.
 We spread some bird seed on a plate,

 and then rolled the tube in it.
 We then threaded some string through the end that only has the two holes.
 We found two long sticks outside in our yard and poked them through the holes.
 When you look in the tube you should see the sticks crossed.
 We then tied the string around a tree branch.
My son kept looking out our front window all day to see if any birds were sitting on the sticks.
I honestly don't think any birds have gone near the feeder yet, but it's so cute to see my son get all excited and go check.


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