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Thursday, December 4, 2014

eShakti Clothing Company: An honest review

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A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a company called eShakti to see if I was interested in receiving an article of clothing in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.
If you have never heard of them before (don't worry, I hadn't either), it is an online clothing company for women.
They sell shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, etc. 
In my opinion they are kind of pricey, but the thing that makes them different is they will do custom sizing for an additional fee.
The word custom had me sold.
I, like pretty much everyone else on the planet, sometimes have a hard time finding clothes that fit.
It will be too loose here, too tight there, short, long, etc.
I'm sure we all know how this feels.
Here I was being offered an article of clothing that would be made to fit ME.
I was ecstatic.
You get the point.
There were only certain articles of clothing available for review, so I scoured the list.
I wanted something to speak to me.
I saw a lot of dresses that would make my 'Fashion I love board' on Pinterest very happy.
But, due to the fact that they didn't want too many bloggers reviewing the same dress, there was a limited availability, and I quickly found out that when I would click on one it wasn't available.
Understandable though.
There are apparently a lot of us with good taste :).
My husband's work is having kind of a dressier Christmas party, so I wanted something I could wear to that.
I finally decided on this one.
(The color I ordered is no longer available).
I requested a cap sleeve and sent all of my measurements that were required.
I then waited.
My package arrived while my son was at school and my baby was napping, so I ripped that box open and tried it on right away...
I felt so let down.
The dress was probably 2 sizes too big.
I sent an email to the lady I had been working with and she told me I could return the dress and asked if I would like to try again.
I told her I would love to, but I didn't want to waste our time and their product if it wouldn't fit a second time, and I asked why the dress wasn't my size.
She asked me to resend my measurements and then she would send my pictures and measurements to the department that deals with that and they could try to see what happened.
I chalked it up to a simple mistake and decided to try once again.
Again I went through the pictures of clothing, this time she told me I could pick anything I wanted.
A lot of the dresses from the first time I looked were no longer available, at all.
I just found out that the second dress I chose is actually no longer available, so I don't have the stock photo for you, but I sent my measurements again, and waited.
Within a few days I received this.
I tried to show you how much extra fabric there was.
and apparently flex my arms for you :)
A much better attempt than the first one, but the dress has no shape.
I have no silhouette.
 The waist and chest are too big for me.
It is almost like they just picked a size and ignored my measurements.
If I want this dress to fit the way it should, then I will need to have it altered.
Something I wouldn't want to be doing if the dress was supposed to fit me in the first place.
I did some research and found that maybe 30% of reviews from other bloggers were in the same boat as me.
Their clothing from eShakti didn't fit.
The other 70% had great success and loved their clothes.
After having two unsuccessful dresses I would have to say that I would not recommend using this company. The concept is great, but it's not being executed properly.
Have you ordered from this site before? What did you think?


  1. I've never ordered from them, but I've seen a few great reviews. I'm surprised that you received TWO dresses that didn't fit. That's just so disappointing, even for me as the reader.

  2. I've heard great things about that company from my sister in law and I've wanted to try ordering from them myself but they don't ship overseas (we live in the Marshall Islands). That's too bad that two dresses didn't work out but at least they had pretty good customer service.
    Thanks for sharing your review!
    Amber at

    1. Yes, the customer service was very timely and did try to help.

  3. I've never heard of that company but this is the main reason I don't like to buy clothes online, I prefer to try it before pay it.

    Steam Carpet cleaning Maida Vale

    1. I know, this was the first thing I've got online in a long time for that very reason. I was just really hoping it would fit after sending measurements.


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