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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 months until Christmas!

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I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all that Christmas is just a short 3 MONTHS AWAY!!!!
(I wonder how many people I just sent into panic mode...)
In honor of that statement I wanted to share a little Christmas craft with you.
A countdown to Christmas!  Yay!
My son and I made this last Christmas, but when we moved (just a short 2 1/2 weeks ago), it got thrown away.  It's ok though, luckily, this is a very cheap and easy craft to make, so we'll probably be making it again this year!
* Since we made this before I had my blog, I don't have a precise step-by-step tutorial, but again it's really easy, and you can just make it your own.
Supplies you'll need
construction paper
poster board
24 cotton balls
First, I typed up the poem and printed it onto the construction paper (yes, the construction paper will work in the printer), I then cut the poster board in half length-wise.
I next cut out Santa's face, hat, etc. out of construction paper.  To add a little 'decor' to it I cut out some snowflakes, and let my son cut out some as well.

 I also stapled a little Ziplock bag to the bottom corner and filled it with 24 cotton balls.
Starting December 1 put one cotton ball on each night.
Here is my son putting on the first cotton ball before bed.  We would just put a small amount of glue on the cotton ball to make them stick.
Christmas Eve!  The last cotton ball!
In case you're having a hard time reading the poem, it says;
'Santa's beard is very bare, on his chin there is no hair.  So each day add one puff so white, and when they're all on he'll come that night.

Idea adapted from here.


  1. I remember that. How cute, the project and the boy. :)

  2. Hi Michelle, I was able to see the blog but only on Chrome, not on Firefox, like I used to. Weird. I love your little one's picture!!! Oh, that face!

  3. Your son is adorable and so is the advent calendar Santa's beard. What a fun idea!

    I've barely even started to think about Christmas this year... usually I already have gifts that are in the process of being made or are finished and ready to wrap.

    1. Thank you, that's sweet. Ha ha, I'm the opposite! I usually never think of it until at least after Halloween!

  4. That is lovely.........I would love for you to post it at SHOW-licious Sunday Crafts! Just click on this link for the craft hop. :)


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