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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Scratch Art Craft

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A few weeks ago I saw a time-lapse video tutorial for these 'Scratch Art cards'
They looked really quick and easy to put together, so I thought we'd give them a try.
I think I was also just curious to see if it really worked as well as they say.
I was surprised that it did end up working pretty well!
This does take a little bit of prep work, so you can make these ahead of time for your little ones to scratch off the black part, or let them be apart of the whole process.

From what I could tell from the video they used cardstock. I didn't have any cardstock on hand so I started out by cutting up a Mountain Dew 12-pack box.
I then let my boys start coloring.
This will work better if you cover the whole thing in crayon, and kind of press hard.
You want the crayon color to be kind if thick and waxy (like the cardboard piece pictured more in the front). 
*I have read that oil pastel type crayons work really well with this also. They are a little brighter and show up better at the end.
We then mixed black acrylic craft paint with a few drops of blue Dawn dish soap.
Paint over the crayon making sure to cover it completely.
Then let it sit and completely dry.
And then scratch away a design and let the color show through!
(I had my son do the scratch off part on our back deck so it didn't leave behind a lot of black stuff on my kitchen table).
Just trying to keep the cleaning down for this mama, I've already got more to clean than I can handle ;)

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