Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cozying Up

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As a busy mom there's nothing better than finding clothes that are comfortable and stylish.
It's seriously the greatest feeling!
Cute and comfy is probably my life motto at the moment...
It's practical but also helps me feel like I'm somewhat put-together.
This whole outfit is the perfect example of that!
The moment I put on this Pin Stripe Double Hooded Sweatshirt and these Black Solid Leggings  from Simple Addiction I was in heaven and wanted to just curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate.
I mean come on!
 A super cute, lightweight top and the softest, most comfortable solid black leggings I've ever seen?!
It's mom heaven. 
 You know my relaxation wasn't going to last long until I needed to jump up and chase after little ones though!
My boys had some energy they needed to burn, so off to the park we went. 
All I had to do was throw on a pair of boots and I was good to go!
Let's take a closer look at some of the details on these pieces.
When I first saw this sweatshirt online I thought it was going to be thicker, which would have been totally fine, but I was pleasantly surprised that it's more lightweight. That makes it so much more versatile for me! 
Pieces that can be worn throughout the year get all the rave reviews in my book.
 If you know me, you know I'm a huge fan of a long sleeve shirt with a thumb hole!
And that pin stripe detailing is absolutely perfect.
This is not a working zipper, just an added detail, but I love the look of it.
 I love the double hood style too!
 And these incredibly soft, black solid leggings are the icing on the cake.
I got the S/M size, I'm only 5' 2" and they go just above my belly button.
You can head over to Simple Addiction and use code "michelle10" to get 10% off any order!
Hurry over there to grab some cute stuff for yourself, and so you can be as comfy as me! 
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

DIY Reversible Burlap Banner

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The other day I was thinking about some of the craft supplies that are sadly sitting in my craft room waiting to be used up.
While I was rocking my baby for his nap that day I decided I wanted to use up some of those supplies and try my hand at making a burlap banner.
I wanted it to last longer than one month or one holiday though so I decided to make it reversible!
Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching I thought that would be perfect to have on the first side. 
I love having pieces that are versatile and can be left up for a while, so I thought bunnies on the other side would be perfect so it can be up for Easter but also all of Spring. 
I've got step-by-step instructions and pictures for you, and I've also got a video at the very end of this post if you want to see it all come together that way.

Friday, January 19, 2018

DIY Valentine's Photo Booth and Props

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Last year for our February Relief Society (women’s group in our church) activity we decided to host a Valentine’s dance for all of the adults in our ward.
They had actually done it the year before and had a really good turnout, so we wanted to do it again.
We wanted to add a few new things to the evening though.
One of the things we wanted to add was a photo area with some fun props.
I was able to either make the thugs we needed, or find them for really cheap, so I put together this post for you in case it can help out!
These are the items I made, chalkboard signs, big red lips, and black mustaches.
Didn’t these turn out so cute?!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thumbprint Cookies

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I absolutely love Thumbprint cookies (who doesn't?!)
However I have to be honest, I didn't love making them because they were sooo time consuming.
That is until now!
I have the perfect thumbprint recipe below that will give you the most delicious, perfectly shaped cookies and I figured out a way to cut down the amount of time it takes to make them!
(Insert happy dance now...)
I've got some pictures below so you can see what the dough is supposed to look like and how it all comes together.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Spotlight Post: {Gyftia}

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We are in the season of giving gifts and I absolutely love this time of year.
I get so happy when I think of giving to someone.
Running ideas through my mind of what they might like, or find useful, or would never buy for themselves and then imagining the look on their face when they open it.
Pure joy right here.
I am privileged to know some amazing ladies who are incredible at gift-giving.
So incredible in fact that they've started their own business.
I present to you; Gyftia.

Doesn't that just sound so beautiful!?
G y f t i a
These ladies have passion, talent, and an eye for all things beautiful, and they have created a place where they can share their love of creating and gifting with the world.
 There is so much time, thought, and love put into each box these ladies package up.
From fine chocolates to unique teas, and gourmet spices to creamy lotions, they have selected the best products and matched together the most amazing scents.
I wanted to take a few minutes and spotlight just one of these beautiful boxes.
I wanted to show how it comes packaged, and what it would look like to open the box so you could know exactly what the receiver of the box will see on their end.
Let's dive in!
 To start out with we have a crisp, clean white box with a blue satin ribbon adorned with beautiful, seasonal greenery.
Such elegant packaging.
So excited to open the lid and see what awaits inside!
  A personalized note can be added to any order!
(If you choose not to include a note there will still be a card included with the name of the sender).
 I grabbed the card to read the sweet note inside, and it was at this moment the most amazing smell hit my nose, I couldn't wait to open the tissue paper and see where it was coming from!
How stunning is that?! 
Can you imagine the look on the receivers face when they open this?
(Beautiful greenery is always included and changes with the seasons).
 I didn't even know there was something under the bow, those caramels were quite a nice surprise!
This is specific box is called Winter Sparkle
Included in this box we have:
- Apothecary candle (Vetiver & Cardamom - this is what I could smell before I even opened the tissue paper, I want that smell in my whole house!)
- McCrea's Classic Vanilla Organic Caramels (in the cutest pillow box)
- Collectiv Hand Cream (Grey Lavender scented - it smells amazing!)
- The Joy of Light matches in a limited edition gold foil box
Like I said before, this is just one of the beautiful gift box creations over at Gyftia
Check out some of these other amazing options and find something perfect for those on your shopping list.
(But make sure to order quickly-before Dec. 18-so your gift can arrive in time for Christmas!)

This one is called Indulge
This is the Chef's Delight
There is even a Be My Bridesmaid box!
I hope you enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures as much as I do.
To learn more about these incredible ladies and why their passionate about what they do, click here to see their 'About' page.

Check out my video below to see the unboxing!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

RORAIMA Reclining, Foldable Camping Chair

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Hi everyone!
First off, Happy Halloween 😊
I hope you’re having a great holiday so far!
I’ve got a review for you today for this awesome Reclining Camping Chair
(*I received the following product for a discounted price in exchange for a review here on my blog.
All opinions are 100% my own and honest).
With it being the end of October and pretty chilly outside I decided to test this out in my house. After trying out this chair I’m so excited for the weather to get warmer so we can actually put this chair to use...even though I’m pretty sure my kids think it’s an indoor chair for them now...
Anyways, on to the details!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Relief Society Super Saturday: Emergency Preparedness

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I've mentioned here on my blog before that I'm in charge of planning the monthly activities for our Relief Society (women's church group). 
Once a year there is an activity that is a little bigger, more involved, and is usually for crafting. 
It's called Super Saturday.
Last year for our Super Saturday I had 2 crafts available for people to make, a temple string art plaque and a reversible 2x4 wood block craft. 
(You can find the post for that here)
This year, after discussing some options, we decided to do something a little different. We know that some of the ladies in our ward, (myself included), are behind in our emergency preparedness. We either don't really know where to start, or what the best options are, or are just overwhelmed in general and don't want to start at all.
Emergency preparedness has been a pretty big part of our church for a very long time, so we figured it might be helpful to highlight some parts and talk about the importance of it.
We came up with a title (theme) for our activity;
"If you are prepared you won't be scared"
A few weeks prior to the activity I created a poster to leave at the church for the women to see.
The poster had our title/theme across the top and then listed the following:
- 72 hr backpacks
- basic First-Aid kits
- important documents binder 
- food storage mini class 
- First-Aid mini class
- being spiritally prepared
*Lunch will be served
*Nursery will be provided

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