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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Baby Food Jar Piggy Bank

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My 3 year old has been loving the idea of coins lately.
I think he's been watching his older brother earn money for doing extra chores and using that money to buy toys.
The other day my son found a few coins and wanted to have somewhere to put them.
He asked for a piggy bank.
After searching around the house and trying to find a container to use, I remembered that I had some empty baby food jars, perfect!
We started by taking off the wrapper and making sure the inside of the jar was clean.
 I'm sure there is a better tool to use, but I just grabbed a pair of scissors and wiggled them back and forth to make a slit wide enough for the coins to fit through.
 Perfect opening!
 My son decided he wanted an aquarium themed piggy bank.
I had him squirt white and blue acrylic paint into the jar and we kind of swirled it around.
 We wanted the white and blue to show through to give it a water-like look.
 We propped it up so the inside could dry, and then I had my son paint the lid.
After the inside dried a little I had my son blot some tan colored paint along the bottom to look like sand, and then I painted some green seaweed. 
 He said he wanted an orange fish and a red fish.
 And happy faces of course :)
My son wanted to put his coins in right away but we had to let the inside dry overnight. 
When my son woke up the next morning he was ecstatic and put his two dimes and three pennies in right away :)
He is loving having his own little place for his money, makes it even more special!

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