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Monday, August 22, 2016

Angry Birds Piggy Construction Cake

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This is my third and final post from my son's Angry Birds themed party.

If you missed my other two posts, I showed you how to make an Yellow Angry Bird Pinata and also some Red and Yellow Angry Birds Cupcakes.
Before the big day my son and I had been talking and throwing around ideas for the cake.
My son told me that he wanted Angry Birds cupcakes and a piggy cake.
I knew I wanted the cake to be easy since the cupcakes would be a little more time consuming.
I love how this cake turned out, but more importantly, my son loved how it turned out!
It's pretty self-explanatory but I've got some step-by-step pictures to show you the process.
I ended up just using a box mix for the cake.
I had already made the cupcakes from scratch and didn't really feel like making even more dishes dirty!
After the cake completely cooled I flipped it over onto a cooling rack, and then flipped it right-side up onto the serving platter.
I figured if I used chocolate frosting it would look like dirt at the construction site, and then I didn't have to tint anything.
After frosting the cake and adding a little design to the sides, I put the whole thing in the fridge for a little while so the frosting could harden a little before adding all of the pieces.
Using Kit Kat bars and wafer cookies, I just started building some 'piggy towers' and tried to make them look like building supplies.
I put a tiny dab of frosting where the pieces sat on each other to keep them from moving around or falling over.
The piggies are pieces from the Angry Birds board game (that we've had for years), but you could use large marshmallows and cover them in green frosting...
My son has been obsessed with construction trucks lately, and when I found these ones at Wal-mart I grabbed them right away. The trucks came in a pack of 5 for $5.88.
Here's a side view of the cake so you can see it from a different angle.
Like I said before, the birthday boy loved it and I'm glad that it was so easy to whip up!


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