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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Angry Birds Cupcakes Tutorial

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The other day I showed you a step-by-step tutorial for the Yellow Angry Bird pinata we made for my son's 3rd birthday party. (You can check out that post here).
Today I am back to show you a quick tutorial for the cupcakes we served at the party.
I ended up making 2 dozen of these cupcakes, 12 red birds and 12 yellow birds.
I've tried to include pictures to show the process, and I will explain as much as I can, but as always if you have any questions let me know!
I baked the cupcakes the day before to save myself a little time.
I used my Homemade Yellow Cupcake recipe and got 24 cupcakes from it.
The day of the party I first frosted the cupcakes with a white base.
After tinting some frosting yellow, I drew a triangle shape for the outline of the bird and then squirted some frosting in the shape.
Using a toothpick, I spread the frosting around until it covered the whole inside of the triangle.
At this point I switched over to the red bird cupcakes to let the yellow frosting harden a little.
With a dark red colored frosting I drew a kind of lop-sided circle for the red bird.
I then added the little feather design on the top of his head.
As with the yellow bird cupcakes, I filled in the circles with more frosting and used my toothpick to spread it around.
I then went back to the yellow birds.
When your frosting has a chance to harden a little you can softly press the frosting down to make it more smooth and even.
After smoothing out the yellow a little bit I grabbed my white frosting and drew two small circles for eyes and an almost half-oval shape for the tummy part.
I switched back to the red birds to let the white part harden on the yellow guys.
For the red birds I smoothed them out a little bit and then put the two circles beside each other for the eyes, and again used a half-oval shape for the tummy.
Back to the yellow birds, I tinted the frosting to a really light orange color and drew a diamond shape for the beak.
I then used some black tinted frosting to outline the bird, trace the beak, dot the eyes, and (not pictured here: draw on the black tuft of hair he has at the top point of the triangle shape).
(I ended up going back and doing a bigger black dot in the eye).
I also tinted a small amount of frosting a darker orange and drew a slanted line over the eyes for the eyebrows. (You can see the eyebrows in the very bottom picture).
Back to the red birds, I used some leftover yellow frosting from the yellow birds to draw a diamond shape for the beaks.
I didn't get a picture of it, but I then used black frosting to trace the red bird, dot his eyes, draw a small tail, draw eyebrows, and outline the eyes and beak.
Once the black hardened a little I was able to press it down and smooth it out a little as well to give the birds a cleaner look, if that makes sense.
All of the red birds ready to go!
All of the yellow birds ready!
Hope this tutorial can help someone wanting to whip up their own version!
Thanks for reading!


  1. These are too cute! Love it <3

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  2. I love these! So awesome. My boys would love them! Pinned.


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