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Monday, March 31, 2014

'Yoda Best' FREE Valentine Printable

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Yes. This is a Valentine's post, in March...
I feel like I have kind of been all over the place lately...Don't worry people, I'm trying to get organized!
So, this will hopefully come in handy for you next year :)
My son is in preschool this year, which means it was going to be his first time handing out Valentines.
I had been thinking about what he would take to school for weeks...I get really excited around holidays, especially since I have kids. They make everything more fun and magical :)
So if you remember, a few months ago my son requested a Star Wars themed birthday party.
Well, we were still loving Star Wars, so my son said he wanted to do that for Valentine's Day.
This was so fun to make because we did all of the planning together.
I gave my son some ideas and he said he wanted to give out something with Yoda and light sabers (glow sticks).
This is what we came up with.

My son picked out the picture of Yoda, the font, the colors, everything.
Click here to download the free printable.
*I just printed the Valentine's on 8x10 photo paper and there are 4 per sheet. You could also print them on a regular piece of paper as well.
 Once you've printed out the cards have your child write their name first.
Then make a small slit where the light saber is and slide through the glow stick. I also attached the little connectors on the part of the glow stick that's 'hidden' behind the card.
 You might want to buy an extra pack of glow sticks just to have extra on hand. With a 'little helper' some of the glow sticks will snap and start to glow sooner than they should :)
To make sure the light sabers stayed in place, I just used a small amount of glue from a hot glue gun on the backside of the Valentine.

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