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Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to Clean Car Mats

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Another post about cleaning!  Yay!  This post actually coincides with my previous post about cleaning my couches.  (Here's the link if you missed that post).  I've had my cute little car for about 3 years now, and while I've vacuumed it, plenty, I've never cleaned the car mats.  They were dirty.  Since we'd had success cleaning our couches with Resolve, I figured I would try it out on the mats.  I am going to be bold and show you what they looked like...remember I have a 3 1/2 year old, no judging here!

 So, I took my same 3 items that I used for the couches, Resolve, bowl of water, and scrub brush, and went to work.  I sprayed the mats with the Resolve, submerged the scrub brush in water, and scrubbed away.  Again, I let my son help by scrubbing with a little toothbrush.
 Since we were outside, I also let my son rinse them off with the hose, that was his favorite part!  We then laid them out to dry in the sunshine.  Look how clean and perfect!  It made me so happy that it worked.
 We have a little field/empty lot next to our home, and while the mats were drying, we walked through the field and my son picked me flowers.  He is the sweetest thing ever.  It totally made my day!


  1. Little Michelle-eeeee, we have the exact same car !! Same color and everything! By the way, I really like your blog. Hope you guys are well, Monica

    1. Ha ha ha Monica! Thanks for saying that! We are great, hope you are doing well also!

  2. Wow! You really take care of your car, Michelle. I also love your resourcefulness! Using regular house items is just as effective as using expensive car cleaning materials. Being thorough with cleaning is what we have in common, so I know it’s annoying when we have dirty car mats. That’s why I always clean them at least once a week

    Nicole Vickers

  3. I’m selling my car and I haven’t even cleaned it yet. It’s good that I read your post to remind me to start cleaning it. Hehe! Just kidding! I’m also fond of DIY car wash and I’m loving it. Well, after reading your post, I can say that you’re a loving car owner. I bet your car is still in good condition until now. :)

    + Stelle Courney +

  4. I clean my plastic car mats, about 3 weeks one time. And I am going to buy a new set for my car, as the plastic car mats is becoming hard to clean.

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    Thanks for the tips!

    - Gwen

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  8. These are great tips. People often leave it dirty for years and when something happens to their car they ask from the insurance to buy them new mats too, which is crazy. I speak this from experience as I work for car insurance company .

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