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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Captain America Shield

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My son has become OBSESSED with superheros!  It's kind of sad, he went from toddler to BOY overnight.  
I'm still adjusting.  
Something fun that has come from this new obsession is we now get to play superheros, A LOT.  We switch back and forth between them, usually playing Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk.    
In order to play we've come up with different things we use.  My son got a little hammer/screwdriver toy set, maybe 2 years ago, so we use the hammer as Thor's hammer.  For Hulk he just runs around and 'Hulk smashes' things :), and for Iron Man he pretends to shoot 'blue lasers' (is what he calls them).  We had a birthday party to go to a couple of weeks ago, so I took my son to the toy section at Wal-mart.  
 He wanted to buy EVERYTHING!  Afterwards the one thing he kept talking about was this Captain America shield he had seen, and how badly he wanted it.  It was like $15, and it was just basically a frisbee with a little hand strap, so it gave me an idea!
We were out of milk, so I made a trip to Costco, (I could have gone to Wal-mart, but I knew if I went to Costco the milk would come in this box, and it is the perfect size).
We first cut out a circle...
I then drew the pattern on with a pencil.  I wanted my son to feel like he made it himself, so that's all I did, the rest was up to him...
 I told him which colors to use where, and try to stay in the lines, look how good he did!!
 There was A LOT of concentration going on here :)
 I put dots of the color inside the lines, just again to let him know where the color goes.
 The finished product!!
There were a couple of times where I wanted to jump in and help him fix the edges or lines, but I'm glad I held back and let him do it all be himself, he felt very accomplished.  This specific box we used came in handy because he liked the 'handle' part so he could hold his shield.  
What do you think??

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  1. This is so neat! Last summer my son and I made a very similar Captain America shield from a fan box. Instead of the "handle" that you used, I stapled a wide strip of cardboard across the entire back of the shield. He has used that shield for countless hours over the past year and still does! In fact, he just asked me recently to re-staple the cardboard handle on the back again. Funny how something so simple and homemade can be one of his favorite toys!


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