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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Golden Egg Pinata

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For my sons' 3rd birthday he decided he wanted an Angry Bird themed party.  He also wanted a pinata.  At first he wanted a green pig, but later changed his mind to a golden egg.  I'm so glad he did!  After searching, I decided they were expensive, and I couldn't even find a golden egg.  I figured it would probably be more fun for him if we made our own, so here it is!

* If you can, try and do this a couple of days in advance so the paper has time to dry/harden.

What you'll need:
  • A balloon blown up
  • Strips of newspaper
  • a mixture of flour and water
  • garbage bag to cover/protect the table
Saturate the strips of newspaper in the flour/water mixture and lay across balloon.  Make sure to smooth it down.  Cover the whole balloon leaving a small opening in the top.
Allow to dry completely, and then repeat process again.  I think we did a total of 4 layers.  Once you have the desired thickness pop the balloon, and remove from inside.  Fill with candy, treats, prizes, etc.  We actually just left the hole in the top, but you can cover it with newspaper.  Since ours was a golden egg we painted it white (so the newspaper writing wouldn't show through), and then painted it a golden yellow.  I forgot to get string, so my husband poked holes in the side and we ended up using measuring tape from my sewing kit.

It was strong enough to stand up to 5 kids hitting it as hard as they could.

Not too shabby I'd say :)

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  1. You have got some incredibly unique ideas of making any event fantastic. Can you show some tutorials of the DIY stuff you occasionally make as decoration pieces?


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