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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kitchen Utensils and Bubbles

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Today I have a super fun, simple and FREE Summer activity for you.
You can't go wrong with that!
A couple of weeks ago my son and I were babysitting and it was pretty hot outside.
I didn't want to take the kids to the park, because I knew they wouldn't last long there, but we needed to get outside.
I looked around their kitchen and found a few objects I thought we could use.

 We grabbed a plastic plate, a spatula, and a potato masher.
I squirted some dish soap onto the plate (I think they had a Costco brand soap), and poured in some water as well.
I gently mixed the soap and water together with the spatula, and we took everything outside.
Dip your kitchen utensils,
and then blow your bubbles!
 I was really surprised at how well the bubbles worked and how big they were.
The spatula made really big bubbles, and the potato masher made clusters of really small bubbles.
The kids loved it!
Next time we might get even more creative and see what other utensils we can find...maybe a cheese grater would give us a cool effect...

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