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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jumping Minions

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We are big Despicable Me fans over here at our house.
One of the things my son loves are of course are the minions :)
So, when I saw this craft over at All for the Boys, I knew we had to make our own version.
One day while my son and I were babystitting we made this craft with the kids.
These are their minions :)

glue (we ended up using a hot glue gun)
plastic cups
construction paper (or foam sheets)
googly eyes
elastic/rubber band
 First draw and cut out the minions shapes
 Then let the kids create/decorate their minions.
 Poke four holes in the bottom of the cup and tie the elastics through. 
Then glue the minion on the front of the cup.
  To make the minion 'jump' place your minion cup (with the elastics) on top of another plastic cup, push the minion cup down and then let go.
The kids loved it!
I didn't get pictures, but I ended up making one as well because they were so fun to play with :)


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  2. These are so cute. I wonder if my 12 year old would make these with me lol. Sarah @

  3. Adorable!! Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me linky party!

  4. This made me laugh. What a great way to have fun!


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