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Friday, May 31, 2013

28 Weeks

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Well, we skipped week #27, but that's ok because we were on a week long vacation to Utah!
It was so much fun going back 'home' and seeing a lot of our wonderful friends and family.
I feel like we crammed in everything we wanted to see and do, so huge success.
I was nervous about driving 10+ hours and being almost 7 months pregnant, but I was totally fine. 
Weight gain: I'm not 100% positive, I think 17 lbs...? I have an appointment next week, so I'll know for sure then. I will admit that since we were on vacation, there was a lot of eating I know I gained something! :)
Maternity clothes? Not yet. I think I have ruled out all of my pants now though. :(
I'm a little bummed because with my first pregnancy I wore my same pants all the way until the end. All of my pants/capris still fit just fine everywhere except right under my belly where you button them up. Even when I wrap an elastic around the button, when I sit down they are a little uncomfortable.
I might have to give in and buy a pair of maternity capris...or wear a skirt everyday...we'll see I guess, I'm just taking it one day at a time!
Discomfort? Since we were running around doing so much last week, at the end of the day I had some pretty good back pain. After relaxing for a bit it would go away. Sometimes I forget how big my belly has gotten, and I try to bend over to pick something up, but my body quickly reminds me that I can't do that as easily anymore!
Events: I started doing 'kick counts' this week :) (You basically just time the baby to see how long it takes him to move/kick 5 times). Don't worry, my little guy hasn't gone more than 10 minutes, he is active!! :)

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