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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Free template for Spiderman mask

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As promised I am back with my Spiderman mask and template!
(If you recall from my previous post I had someone contact me and order some super hero masks.
In addition to ones already shown here on the blog she wanted Wolverine and Spiderman masks as well, so I decided to make my own templates and share them with you!)
Click here to get the Spiderman template.
Start out by cutting out two pieces of felt from the template.

 Pin pieces together and sew around the edges and eye holes, make sure to insert the elastic at the sides before you completely close it up!
I used black thread, because I feel like it looks better with the black around the edges and eyes.
I then sewed straight lines using the black thread.
I then sewed circles around the mask using black thread.
I didn't using a template or anything for this part, I just sewed where I felt like it would look good.

Just a tip:
If you are cutting off the excess thread, make sure you don't cut through the elastic as well, because then you'll have to pick the stitches, take out the elastic, and put in a new piece.
Yep, this happened TWICE to me...

Out of curiosity I decided to make a mask using paint as well. 
I used a fabric paint in a small tube with a small tip. I wanted to see if it would work better than the black thread, and if it would be faster.
It did take a long time to dry, and the lines weren't as thin as I thought they would be, so I personally preferred the black thread lines on the mask.
After all was said and done this was the whole order I whipped up.
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If you are interested in ordering any super hero masks, please email me


  1. So awesome! I'm really excited to make these for my nephews and my own boys for Christmas/Birthdays! Thanks so much!

  2. You did a really great job on these masks! I just left walmart with all the supplies I will need, though I'll have to improvise some because I don't have a sewing machine either.
    p.s. Personally I like the spiderman mask with the pain better!

    1. Thank you! You can make these masks with a hot glue gun for a no-sew version as well!


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