Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Heart Garland {For less than $5!}

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For our monthly activity for our Relief Society (women's group) for February we put together a Valentines dance.
This dance was for couples, singles, friends, whomever wanted to come.
I am the one in charge of planning these activities, and after a little brainstorming with my committee (1 other girl), and some scrolling through Pinterest, we had a plan of what we wanted everything to look like.
I took over all of the decor, and I was really excited because I've never really done much in the way of decorating for Valentines, so I was ready to take on this new challenge.
We knew we wanted to do a little photo booth area with props and a simple background.
The background of the photos was just plastic white table cloths from the dollar store, and this heart garland I made.
This is the first garland I've ever made and I was pretty excited with how it turned out!
The nice thing is this garland isn't just for Valentines, you can whip this up for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
I've got pictures and instructions below for you to see how this all came together.
These are the supplies I rounded up.
White yarn (you could use string, thread, twins, etc.)
A glue gun
and a pack of foam sheets from the Dollar store.
 (Not pictured) I also got 1 larger foam sheet, that is also a little bit thicker, from Hobby Lobby for .99) 
To start out, I opened the pack of foam sheets and took out the pink and red ones.
I didn't want the hearts to be the same size or shape, so I didn't trace anything or draw anything out.
I tried to get as much of a variety as I could.
 For these 'cut-out' hearts I cut the outside heart shape first.
I then folded the heart in half length-wise and cut a smaller heart shape out of the middle.
I then kept the middle heart piece and added it to my stash. I liked that the middle pieces were a lot smaller.
 To attach the hearts I first threaded a bigger needle with the yarn.
 I poked the needle through the back,
I pulled the yarn through, and then poked another hole through about an inch away from the first one.
 I then slid the heart across the yarn to the spot I wanted it. I didn't measure anything, I just guessed how far apart I wanted it to look.
I did pink and red alternating colors and I also made sure the sizes were alternating big and small.
Make sure to slide the first heart all the way to the end of the yarn, and then work your way towards the beginning.
 When the heart was in the right spot I put a small dab of glue behind the yarn to hold it in place.
 All done!
 I wanted to lay it out to see how everything looked.
I wanted to see how it would look on my wall as kind of a trial run to make sure it looked ok.
I had originally planned for the garland to switch back three times, but after I got it on the wall I decided the two rows looked better.
Like I said, I love the alternating sizes and colors!
What do you think?


  1. So much love, colours, excitement, and feelings in a single post:) you mixed the heart patterns and colors with some unique ideas. I am very impressed with your work. Have a nice day!

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