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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hallway Closet Organization

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Guys, I am so excited we finally got this checked off our to-do list!
I am loving how this turned out.
This is our hallway closet.
It's supposed to just be a coat closet, but the way the layout of our house is, it doesn't really work for just that purpose.
On our main floor this is really the only storage space we have, which meant we needed it for a lot of different items.  
Let's get a better look at the 'Before' picture to see what we were working with...

When we first moved into this house we didn't have room for that old bookcase, so we put it in this closet to hold all of our board games, some craft supplies, etc.
It quickly started looking cluttered and pieces were getting lost.
Our kitchen doesn't have any storage spaces either, so the cleaning supplies also got stashed in here.
It was annoying when we had to move the vacuum out of the way anytime we wanted to get to one of the games.
It was a big mess.
It also drove me nuts that there was like blank space above the you see what I'm talking about??
 I took some measurements and drew up a plan of what I wanted the finished product to look like.
I was originally going to build my own shelves out of wood, but my husband came with me to Home Depot, and the wire shelves won.
I will admit, I do love how they turned out, but they were way more expensive than I would have liked...
Since I had already measured everything we were able to have an employee at Home Depot cut the wire shelves for us.
We got:
 one long shelf (about 35" long)
3 shorter shelves (about 18 1/2" long)
2 tall wall mounts
1 short wall mount
and 8 shelf brackets
 When we got home we took everything out of the closet. There was a shelf at the top of the closet already, so we left that one in place.
We then installed the two tall wall mounts on the right side of the closet.
They ran from right underneath the existing top shelf to the trim on the floor.
 We hooked the shelf brackets to the wall mounts and snapped on the shelves.
We installed the shorter wall mount on the far left.
We needed a small one there because we were just having it hold up one shelf.
 All done!
 Like I said, I really do like the wire look, I think it helps keep an open and light look which helps the closet not look cluttered.
I also love that my boys can get games out by themselves and the vacuum has it's own little spot.


  1. Nobody can ignore this closet and move. I’m actually going to try closet at my home with same design.


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