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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Harry Potter and Owl Cupcakes

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In my previous post I shared a tutorial for the Harry Potter cake I made for my son's birthday party, (you can check that out here)
I knew I wanted to have some cupcakes for the kids as well, and owl ones seemed perfect for this theme.
Plus, I've seen pictures of owl cupcakes on Pinterest for years, so I was excited to finally make some of my own! :)
I learned a few things through the process, so I put together a quick tutorial for you.
To start out, I made 24 cupcakes from my yellow cupcake recipe (you can find that here).
After the cupcakes completely cooled I started frosting them.
I just used plain white frosting from the container...I think it was Pillsbury.
I had some snack-packs of Oreo's on hand and wanted to use them up, so to start I opened all of the packs.
I planned on making more of the owl cupcakes, but for some reason I didn't realize I would need to cookies per there's my first tip. Two cookies per cupcake.
Separate the cookies...that might take some talent to get all of the filling on one side :)
And discard (or eat!) the cookie side without any of the filling.
For my Harry Potter cake I had tinted some frosting yellow and I had some left over, so I used that to 'glue on' the Oreo cookies.
I just put a dab of frosting on the edge of the cookie, 
and then pressed that down onto the cupcake.
Another tip I learned is that the Oreo cookies stay better on cupcakes that have more of a flat top.
Do the same with the other cookie to make the eyes, and then I added some yellow frosting for the beak.
I was going to let the yellow frosting harden and then smooth out the beak a little bit, but I ended up liking the way it looked and just left them.
I then used some black frosting to give the owls some pupils.
You can also use M&M's, or chocolate chips, or whatever ingenious idea you come up with!
Like I said before, I was planning on making more owls but I had to come up with another plan.
I was also running out of time because I had a sick 3 year old that day who just wanted to snuggle.
So, quick and easy was my motive!
I ended up using the black frosting to create a Harry Potter cupcake.
Just two small circles for the glasses, a little arch to connect them, and then the scar, and that's it!
They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself :)
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!


  1. These are too cute! I will be passing these along to my Harry Potter Mommy buds



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