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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DIY Reversible 2x4 Craft

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I feel like when it comes to seasonal decor, I'm kind of a minimalist.
I honestly think I don't like a lot of knick-knacks and stuff because my boys already leave so much crap everywhere they go that it just looks like it's adding to the clutter...
Does anyone else have this problem??
Anyways, I've mentioned before that my new calling (volunteer type position) in my church is the person in charge of planning monthly activities for the Relief Society (women's group).
Once a year there is something called Super Saturday.
It's pretty much a chance to get together and make some common crafts, nibble on treats, and chat with the other women.
Our Super Saturday is next month, but I made the crafts in advance so the other women could see what's in store for them if they're able to make it.
As I mentioned before, I don't like having a lot of seasonal stuff, but I kind of wanted something.
I decided to make these reversible 2x4 blocks as a way to have them be a little more functional and last a little longer through the seasons.
I really wanted this craft to be customizable for the women attending.
Meaning; they don't have to do Fall and Winter. They could do any season they want, or even a saying like 'Love at Home' or whatever.
I will actually post more about different options after we have our Super Saturday and I have more options to show.
For now though, I will show you how I made these ones.
I started out by rummaging through our stash of 2x4 scraps and found 4 that seemed like they would be a good size.
I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and browsed through their paper section.
It was Heavenly.
I thought these four would be perfect for a Fall/Thanksgiving theme,
and I thought these four would be perfect for a Christmas theme.
 I arranged the blocks and measured and cut the paper.
Make sure the paper is a little bit smaller than the wood part.
I then grabbed my Mod Podge,
Using a foam paint brush I 'painted' the Mod Podge on the 2x4.
Once the Mod Podge is spread on the wood, place the paper on it and press down firmly.
I used the edge of my ruler to run over the paper and smooth out any air bubbles.
Let dry completely.
I then flipped them over and did the same thing on the back with the Fall/Thanksgiving themed paper.
I then grabbed some charcoal grey acrylic paint and painted around the edges of the blocks.
I then used the foam paint brush to kind of dab paint around the edge covering the paper and wood.
Again, let it dry completely.
For the snowflake I grabbed some Elmer's glue and drew a snowflake design.
I then poured glitter over the wet glue.
Shake off the excess glitter and let it dry.
For the wording I just free-handed it.
You can stencil it as well.
The completed Christmas side.
For the Fall/Thanksgiving side I free-handed that as well, but in a different color.
Almost done! My last step was drawing on a leaf.
All ready to go!
I love how these turned out and I can't wait to put them out for decor!
I'm also excited to see what the other women come up with at our Super Saturday activity next month!
Here is the link to my Super Saturday post, the women had a lot of different ideas for their 2x4 blocks!


  1. This is really cute! What a great gift too!

    1. Thanks! Yes, especially because you can change it up!

  2. SO cute - and it looks like something I could ACTUALLY MAKE BY MYSELF! (not alot of that around... lol) Thanks for linking up at Share the Wealth Sunday!

  3. Those are super adorable!!! I love this craft so very much! Thanks for sharing it! I am now following from Lets Be Friends!
    Annster's Domain

  4. do you have any pix of any other ideas for these blocks?


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