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Thursday, June 23, 2016

BrightTouch Sonic Face Cleansing Brush {Review}

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*I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.
All opinions are 100% honest and my own.
I do not receive any financial compensation if you click on the links provided or purchase the product.

I have another review for you today!
If you remember a few weeks ago I got to review a charcoal gel cleanser, in that post I mentioned that now, being in my 30's, I needed to have more of a 'grown-up' skincare routine.
I have been loving that cleanser, and now I have something else to take it up a notch.
This is the BrightTouch Sonic Face Cleansing Brush from BrightTherapy.
I did a little research before this arrived in the mail, and I was pretty excited with what I read.
This cleansing brush boasts that it will deep clean and also reduce the size of pores. It also exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving skin looking and feeling more youthful, fresh, and clean.
 Included in this particular box was the brush holder, 2 brush heads, and an instruction manual.
On the main website it says batteries are included but my box didn't come with needs 2 AA batteries to work.
 The brush holder has an on/off button along with 2 speed options.
When you push the power button, the brush head you have chosen will start to oscillate. The brush does not rotate as on the website it says the rotating can actually irritate your skin.
You can use any cleanser of your choosing with the brush head, which is great if you've already got a soap that you like.
I use this cleansing brush, along with my charcoal gel cleanser, in the mornings and I am loving how my skin looks and feels. I don't feel like the brush is too harsh to use on a daily basis. It's good to make sure your skin gets good and clean.
I do wish the brush holder had a stand or something along those lines to have it upright to let the bristles air dry...I just end up putting the cap on and laying it on my counter.
I do like the size of the set, it's small enough to get a good grip, and be travel sized, but you don't loose out on any of the functions of something that is larger.

You can find this product directly from the company's website at
If you want to see the cleansing brush in action, check out my video review below!

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  1. The Facial Cleansing Brush takes washing your face to the next level. This brush is designed to clean your face gently, yet thoroughly. The bristles move more than 300 times per second while still being gentle on your skin. This sonic device also gently exfoliates your skin without causing harm to the dermis. This brush is clinically proven to be more effective at cleaning your skin than washing your face the old fashioned way.


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