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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cover Me Poncho Review

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*I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review on my blog.
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Well it's no secret that the countdown is on to meet this little guy!
I am totally ready to be done with this pregnancy.
I've been a lot more uncomfortable than I was with my other two. I just want to be able to bend over and pick up toys without shifting my weight so I don't hurt myself, and we really just want this last little bundle to come and complete our family.
Since this is our third boy I also pretty much have everything I need for him, so I haven't really had to do much in preparation for his arrival.
We are just ready.
There are a few things, however, that have made the life of a pregnant woman a little easier now, things that weren't around when I had my other boys.
These ponchos are one of those things, and how I wish they had been around back then!
At least I will get to enjoy it with this last child, and of course share the news with you so you don't miss out!
This is the olive green poncho from Cover Me Ponchos.
The awesome thing about these is that it can be used at least 4 different ways!
Would you like to see how?

Before my poncho arrived in the mail I spent a little time over at the Cover Me Ponchos website so I could get a better idea of what was coming my way.
I learned that these ponchos can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. They are so super comfy!!
You can use the poncho as a car seat cover. You can even swaddle your little one in the poncho if you wanted.
However, the best use (in my opinion), these are amazing nursing covers!
 After seeing all of this I was thrilled for my poncho to arrive.
Yay for mail!
Right away I fell in love with the fabric.
Not just the color, but the texture and how lightweight and soft it is. 
The first thing I did was throw the poncho over the car seat to try it out as a car seat cover.
Perfect fit!
 How could I not love this?!
The poncho is large enough to cover the whole car seat, and the neck opening fits perfectly over the handle bar of the car seat so you can fit your arm through while carrying it.
The neck opening is also helpful so I can peak in and check on him without lifting it up from the bottom.
 Next I threw the poncho on to see how it fit me.
Again, love it!
Soft, flowly, and I actually really like the drape-y effect it has.
The thing I am looking forward to the most though is to use this poncho as a nursing cover.
I breastfed my other two boys and all I had at the time was just whatever blanket we had in their car seat.
Not very much coverage, and not very convenient.
I know, with having two other boys, that I will be out and about with this baby a lot, and I will obviously need to feed him.
I LOVE that this poncho will keep me covered in the front and the back while I'm feeding.
There's no way my little guy will be able to pull the cover off, I will be able to peek down at him through the neck opening, just to check on him, and it's so lightweight that my baby won't get hot and sweaty under there.
Make sure to head over to Cover Me Ponchos to check out all of their other adorable fabric choices!
*Also use code MM15CMP for 15% off your purchase


  1. This looks like a great product! I too am looking at nursing covers and this one looks so versatile, so I may just have to check them out. #MeanderingMondays

  2. Looks really nice ! We will have to check it out - right now we are fans of udder covers nursing cover and carseat canopy and then nuroo !

    1. Definitely check it out! I like that it's one thing that is versatile enough to fully cover me for nursing, a car seat cover, and a swaddle!

  3. Love it! I want one of those for my next baby.. I'm not pregnant yet, but when I am I want one :)

    1. Ha ha you will love it! Definitely keep this on a wish list!

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