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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dice Alias Game Review

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*I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review here on my blog.
All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

With Christmas break these past two weeks I was so excited to have this new game to try out with my son.
This is Dice Alias by Tactic Games
This dice game is actually just one of the many variations of the Alias games, they also have Original Alias, Family Alias, and a junior version.
 If you've seen some of my other reviews of games here on the blog, you know that I love games that I can play with my son that are fun but also educational.
This game definitely fits that category!
Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Here are all of the accompanying pieces.
There is a bowl to roll the dice into, 8 dice (one of which is blank so you can make it any letter you need), a board that fits around the bowl, 8 playing pieces with 8 coordinating colored cardboard cutouts, and a stack of cardboard circles with categories on them.
The box says 3-8 players ages 7 and up.
 The object of the game is to roll the dice and try to be the first one to make a word out of those letters.
If you come up with a word you yell 'Alias!' and you have to start describing the word you're thinking of.
The first person to guess the word and the person who thought of the word originally get to move ahead one space on the game board.
If anyone else can think of a word with the letters, they will then have a turn to explain their word and move a space as well as the person you guesses it.
The first one all the way around the board wins!
You can also play a harder version where each round you get a category (from the circle cardboard pieces), and if you think of a word that fits that category you get to move one extra space.
The 8 coordinating colored cardboard 'people' cutouts are kind of pointless. You are just supposed to grab the one that matches your playing piece and place it in front of you so you can remember which color is yours.

My son and I had a chance to pull this out when my toddler was napping so we could have some uninterrupted play time and see what the game was all about.
It says you need at least 3 players, but we changed the rules a little bit so we could see how it went.
In our version, with just the two of us, the first person to think of a word got to move 2 spaces and then after describing and guessing the other player would only have 30 seconds to see if they could come up with a different word, but only gaining 1 space for that one.
Over the weekend when my husband was home we had him play a couple rounds with us as well to see how it worked with the 3 players.
Honestly, it works both ways.
My son loves this game, and I love watching him as the wheels turn in his head as he tries to put letters together and then use different words to describe the word he has in mind.
This game is kind of a cross between Head's Up and Boggle.
It's a lot of fun to play and great for a game night!

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