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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier

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*I received the following product for free in exchange for an honest review on my blog.

All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

I am back with another review for you all today, and I am really excited about this one!
Today I am talking all about the Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier. This baby carrier is a long piece of cotton fabric with two solid plastic rings at the top for the fabric to slide through, making the carrier completely adjustable.
There were many color choices to choose from, but I chose the 'Red Anchors' carrier which is white and blue striped with small anchors all over it.
My newest little one obviously isn't here yet, so I borrowed my cute neighbor and her 3 month old to test this out a little bit for us.
(I believe this is the 'koala hold' we have him in here)
She's not even holding onto him in this picture, leaving her hands free, and his little neck is completely supported!
Her verdict? She loves it! I wanted her to give this carrier a try because a few weeks ago I had seen her using a wrap carrier with her little guy, and I wanted to get her comparison on the two.

Here are some things we instantly fell in love with:
With this ring sling carrier you can put it on and get the baby in by yourself!
That may sound like a silly thing, but there are actually quite a few wraps and carriers where you need assistance or quite a lot of maneuvering to make it work.
The edges of the fabric are slightly padded for added comfort for your little one.
There were a lot of how-to videos on YoutTube showing the different carrying methods from infant to toddler. (Here is a link to some of the video tutorials on how easy it is to set-up).
There is even a way to have your baby in the carrier allowing you to breastfeed and be covered.
And yes, you heard me right, this carrier can hold even up to a toddler!
Even my super chunky 2 year old (who is over 30 lbs !!) fit comfortably in the carrier and snuggled up to me.
Can you tell in the picture below that my hand is barely resting underneath him? I was shocked at how comfortable and secure it felt with him in there.
Just over 7 years ago when I had a baby shower for my first child I was given one of those carriers where the straps cross at your back and buckle in front, and the baby can face in or out. I used it for a while and then had to put it away when my oldest got too big, which wasn't very long.
With my second child (my now toddler), I pulled out the same carrier to haul him around, and it only lasted until he was about 4 months old.
Yes, he was THAT chubby!
I wish I would have had this ring sling carrier back then, it would have come in very handy. Not only could I have had my little guy in it longer, it would have also been SO much easier on my back. The way the carrier drapes over you shoulders allows the weight to be evenly distributed. I can't tell you how many times I had my husband help me slide our little guy out of that older carrier and I would sit in a position to stretch out my back because it would be in pain from carrying.
I ended up just carrying my second around on my hip all of the time, which did build up some sweet bicep muscles so...
Next Spring and Summer my newest baby will only be a few months old, and I'm sure my toddler will want to be out at the park and running around, so I am SO thrilled that I will be able to use this carrier and I know my little one will be comfortable, safe, and snuggled :).

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