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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Satin Flower Headband

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I am back with another tutorial!
If you remember, my last post was a tutorial for a skirt I made for my brand new baby niece.
This flower is the second gift I took over when I got to meet her for the first time.
I had so much fun trying something new!
I had seen a flower tutorial on Pinterest which used satin ribbon to make a flower, and I kind of followed that but kind of made it my own, I'll show you how it all came together.
The salmon colored satin fabric I choose to make this flower is actually a hankerchief from my brother's wedding, so I thought it would be sweet to make a flower out of it for their new daughter.
 I first cut two sets of strips, the elastic, and  two small circles of very soft fabric.
I didn't realize the satin would fray so much, but I kind of liked the look of it.
These strips will make the petals. Start by folding a strip in half,
 then slide the back part out to the side,
 then fold the back part back over so it makes a point.
 Here's the view of the back of the petal so you can see what it looks like.
 Place a small dab of glue from a hot glue gun in between the fabric so it holds it's shape.
 Here is a shot of a few petals,
The bump you can see through the fabric is the glue.
Don't worry, you won't see it once the flower is put together.
 Glue the petals around the circle piece of fabric, making sure they overlap each other.
 Here is a view from the back of the flower.
 Do one row of petals.
 For the second row of petals, place them between the first row, and glue them in place.
Make sure to overlap this row a little closer together, if that makes sense...
I ended up adding 2 petals as almost a third row, I liked that it made the flower stick up a bit more.
I looked through my stash of beads and found one larger bead I liked for the middle.
I glued it in place.
I then glued smaller beads around it.
Flip your flower over and glue one side of the elastic to the middle of the white circle.
I cut my elastic 12" long. 
A little bigger than a newborn size, more of a 0-3 month size headband, to go with the skirt I made her which is about a 0-3 month size as well.
Glue the other end of the elastic to the middle of the circle, but make sure the elastic isn't twisted before you glue it.
Glue another circle piece of very soft fabric over the first circle and the elastic ends.
Here is the gift set all ready to go!
Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Super cute flower headband!

  2. Very cute! Too bad I don't have a girl! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty this week. We hope to see you again Friday for another fun filled party!

  3. So cute and pretty! I love making my own flower headbands! ! I’d love it if you shared this at Worthwhile Wednesdays.


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