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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tested: How to clean a shirt collar

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There are so many cleaning tips on Pinterest.
It can get a little overwhelming.
I had some shirts I needed to clean and my regular bottle of Shout just wasn't doing the trick, so I thought I would try out some different techniques and see what worked.
Here are my before and afters of two collared shirts.

This light colored shirt was the first one I washed.
For this shirt I tried a tip I  had seen to use shampoo on the stain.
Just any cheap type of shampoo will work, because they said it will clean all of the dirt, sweat, etc.
I poured on the shampoo,
and scrubbed it in.
I then washed on a regular cycle. 
It still had some remnant of stains left, so I repeated the shampoo and scrubbing step and washed again, and this is the end result.
It looks pretty clean, but not good enough.
On to shirt #2.
For this shirt I wanted to try another method I had seen over at Tidy Mom.
1 part Blue Dawn dish soap
2 parts Hydrogen peroxide
She had mixed them together and put them in a spray bottle.
I didn't have one on hand, so I just mixed it in a bowl and poured it across the stain.
Lightly scrubbed it all in with an old toothbrush, and washed on a normal cycle.
Much better!
I think I am going to stick with the dish soap/hydrogen peroxide mixture for now!
Have you tried either of these methods?

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