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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Super Easy DIY Spider Costume

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Yes this is a Halloween post.
In the middle of November.
Just think of it as me helping you be really prepared for next Halloween.
You're welcome :)

A few weeks before Halloween I asked my son what he would like to dress up as. His immediate response was something scary so he could scare people. 
If I can use what I have around the house and not spend a lot of money on something he will only be wearing for a few hours, I am all for it.
So, I started looking through his closet to see what we had to work with, and we found almost everything we needed for a vampire costume!
He was so excited because he knew that would scare people :), and I was excited because it didn't cost me anything!
However, we found out that his vampire costume would just have to be for trick-or-treating though.
He is in Kindergarten this year and at his school the kids aren't allowed to wear anything gorey, undead, bloody, violent, etc.
If the kids wanted to dress up, they needed to choose something from history or something from classical literature.
Dracula is a classical character, but his behavior and story are quite dark, so vampires were out.
My son still wanted to dress up at school so I told him we had to pick something we could make that would be super easy and cheap.
After some thought we chose a spider, because in my son's mind it is still something he thought would scare people, but it is also in some classical stories and nursery rhymes.
So here is our super easy and cheap spider costume.

This costume cost me a whopping $1.00 to make.
I bought the beanie (hat) at the dollar store for $1, everything else we were able to find around the house.
The whole costume is temporarily held together, nothing is permanent.
Here's how it all came together.
We first went through my husband's sock drawer and found 2 pairs of black socks.
We stuffed the socks with Poly-fil
I was surprised at how much the socks looked like little legs.
I then folded the end over,
and used a safety pin on the inside of the shirt to pin it on.
Attach two arms on each side.
For the eyes, I had a scrap piece of black towel that was left over (from our Mickey Mouse hooded towel), so I glued the googly eyes onto that,
and then I pinned the scrap piece to the hat.
You could just glue the eyes to the hat, but I wanted my son to be able to wear the beanie again this winter.
I wanted the spider arms to move when my son moved, so I took some clear thread,
and wrapped it around each leg.
I then threaded a needle to attach the thread to his arm,
I just tied a knot to finish it off.
Just a note: As we were leaving for school the thread broke, and I had to tie the arms again using a stronger thicker thread, so just make sure you have something that can hold up...maybe like some fishing line, that would probably be perfect!


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