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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easy Halloween Crafts

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Last year for Halloween I had my son help me make some decor for our apartment.
We made a Halloween paper plate craft.
Since we just moved a few weeks ago we figured the plates would not survive, so I decided to let my son make some more Halloween crafts.
I first had it in my mind to do all hand-print crafts, but after the first one my son said he didn't want to have to keep washing his hands, and I wanted him to kind of take full reign of what and how we were to do the crafts, so these were all him.
To make the spider just paint your child's palm and 4 fingers.
Then have them place their hand down facing one way, and then overlap the palm of the hand with the fingers pointing the other way.
(My son's favorite color is green, and he really wanted a green spider :) )

 To throw a little learning in I had him sound out and write the word 'spider' and then he added a face.
 For the candy corn I drew the shape and then wrote the colors out for him to read.
He then painted the colors, and once it was dry he added a face and again sounded out and wrote 'candy corn' on the bottom.
 For some reason the ghost needed to be green as well :)
I again drew the shape and my son painted it in, adding a face and the word 'ghost' after it had dried.
 The last picture my son wanted to make was a pumpkin.
He wanted to paint it orange, and then he added the lines with a pencil, as well as the face and the word 'pumpkin'.
He said this was a 'fierce pumpkin'.
Totally. Ha ha.
Hope you have a Happy Halloween :)

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