Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good-bye 2012!

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It seems as if everyone here in the blogging world is doing a year-in-review post,
I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon, cause I like the idea :)

It's been another wonderful year for us!
My husband got a new job
I had 2 brothers get married
We made lots of fun memories
My husband graduated with his MBA!!
I started this blog
Drove from Utah to California 2 times
We moved 700 miles away from family
We made new friends
Drove from California to Utah once
We got pregnant!
I started making jewelry
And so much more!!

I thought it would be fun to show the top 5 posts from the year,
the posts with the most views by you, so here we go
drum roll please...

5. Thankful turkey craft

Looks like we had a lot of Avengers love! Ha ha :)
Those were actually my favorite posts as well.
Putting together that birthday party for my son was one of my favorite things of the year, just to know how happy it made him meant so much!
Thank you for following along on this fun adventure!
There are lots more fun times in store :)

On to 2013!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowflake canvas ornaments

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Hello everyone! 
Hope you are all ready for Christmas, it's only 1 week away!!
We were quite busy this past week. 
My mom flew down from Utah last Tuesday to visit for a week, and we were so excited to have her here.
One of the main reasons why we wanted her to come down at this time, was to get her over to Disneyland to see all the Christmas decorations. She's a big Disney fan, and has never seen all the Christmas decor.
Well, needless to say, she loved it!
It was also perfect timing, because we found out we were pregnant the day before she came, so we were able to tell her in person.
(We actually wrapped up a little box and put the pregnancy test inside. She screamed so loud when she opened it!)   :) 
Among all of the fun things we were able to squeeze in during the week, one of them was these little snowflake ornaments.
My mom, my son, and myself all made one.
 My mom mentioned that she loved our Snowflake canvas art we had here in the house, and she wanted to make one too.
We made a 'quick' trip to JoAnns and found the mini canvases instead, I think they are 3"x3", and we decided to turn them into ornaments.
We followed the same directions we used to make the larger art, click here for the full tutorial.
After everything was dry we cut a piece of ribbon, and using a hot glue gun, attached it to the back of the canvas.
We sent them with her back to Utah so she could have a small momento of her vacation here, and the time we got to spend together.
Hope you all have a merry Christmas, and you get to spend time with loved ones!!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have an announcement!!!

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 We are so excited to announce that we're having another baby!!!!!
If you want to check out the tutorial I posted on how to make the chalkboard, click here.
I have of course let my son use the chalkboard to draw on as much as he wants, but
I have been waiting to use it for this exact purpose. A pregnancy tracker!
I feel like I've been waiting for what seems like forever, (it's only been like 3 months since I made it)...patience is a virtue!
So I was so excited to finally bust it out.
I will be using the chalkboard throughout my pregnancy to track the weeks, my stats, and the size of my belly :)
So stay tuned in the coming weeks!!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My newest sponsor!

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{Alright everyone,
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A wrap-up of our week

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Hello everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying the last moments of your weekend :)
I don't have any crafts or recipes tonight, I just feel like I wanted to share our fun-filled week.
I will be posting a craft in the next couple of days though, so stay tuned!

My son wrote his letter to Santa.
This is all he wants for Christmas...
"A Hawkeye bow and arrow"
He still loves all things 'Avengers'
He's been asking for one for like 2 months now!

We had a big day in our house yesterday. We got our son a twin sized bed!
His little toddler bed just wasn't cutting it anymore.
We picked this up over at IKEA, and we LOVE it!
ODDA Bed frame with storage IKEA
By using the storage under the bed we were able to throw away a broken ugly looking plastic tote, and he has so much more floor space.
Now unto decorating the rest of his room with 'big boy' decor!
I'll be checking out ideas from Pinterest for sure :)
How was your week?

Thursday, December 6, 2012


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Alright everyone, we have a winner!!

Comment #3 Melanie from
Congrats Melanie!
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to set up your ad!

Thanks to all who entered :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Snowflake canvas art

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Well welcome December!

First off, if you haven't seen my giveaway yet click here to head over and enter, then come on back for this awesome tutorial!

Are you back?
Onto our craft!
I just have to say, I love the sparkly-ness. 
It seems like at Christmas time everything has a little sparkle to it :)
My son and I made these up the other day to add some more Christmas decor to our home.
It's a fun craft to do with kids because they can just go nuts with the paint :)
He loved it!
Our Christmas tree ornaments are kind of snowflake themed. The colors on our ornaments are white, silver, and different shades of blue, so this new pieces match perfectly.
I had purchased these two 8x10 canvases, (on sale and with a coupon of course), from Michael's a while ago, I was going to do another craft with them, but never got around to it.
I decided to use them for this craft because I wanted to be able to use these as decor for years to come
Supplies you'll need
acrylic paints (we used white, a dark blue, and a medium blue)
paint brushed
tape (we used regular scotch tape)
modge podge
First tape out your 'snowflake' (if you look hard enough you can see it!)
 Then just paint!
Look at my little helper go!
He thought it was so fun to use 2 paintbrushes at the same time :)
My son also reminded me that we needed to paint the sides of the canvas as well.
 Once it's completely dry peel off the tape
 I decided to add some more white lines to make it look more snowflake-y, so I just used the white paint and a paintbrush. 
 Grab your modge podge, or regular Elmer's glue, and some glitter
 'Paint' the modge podge to the white area of the snowflake only, and then sprinkle on the glitter.
I 'painted' on the modge podge, and I let my son do the glitter.
It was so cute, he kept telling me he was Glitter Man.
 I think Glitter Man sounds like the best super hero ever!
It made me smile :)
I had newspaper under the canvas, so when we were done sprinkling on the glitter I just held it up and tapped on the sides of the canvas, and the excess glitter came off. I then folded up the newspaper and poured the rest of the glitter back into the jar.
 Let it dry completely,
 and you're done!
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