Sunday, December 9, 2012

A wrap-up of our week

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Hello everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying the last moments of your weekend :)
I don't have any crafts or recipes tonight, I just feel like I wanted to share our fun-filled week.
I will be posting a craft in the next couple of days though, so stay tuned!

My son wrote his letter to Santa.
This is all he wants for Christmas...
"A Hawkeye bow and arrow"
He still loves all things 'Avengers'
He's been asking for one for like 2 months now!

We had a big day in our house yesterday. We got our son a twin sized bed!
His little toddler bed just wasn't cutting it anymore.
We picked this up over at IKEA, and we LOVE it!
ODDA Bed frame with storage IKEA
By using the storage under the bed we were able to throw away a broken ugly looking plastic tote, and he has so much more floor space.
Now unto decorating the rest of his room with 'big boy' decor!
I'll be checking out ideas from Pinterest for sure :)
How was your week?


  1. Hawkeye is my son's favorite Avenger too. He calls him 'Bow and Arrow Guy,' lol.

    I just saw your name on the Linky at Mail4Rosey and swung over to be your latest email subscriber. :)

    1. That's cute!
      Thanks for the follow :)

  2. I came from Mom's Mingle, following on GFC. Would love to have you follow me back.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  3. Hi there!!! I am Hanna and I found you through the blog hop!! I love making new friends and your blog is lovely. I am your newest follower:) Happy Holidays! You can find me over at
    xooxxo Hanna

  4. Hi! I tried to email you, but I don't have Outlook so it won't let me. I contact the PR/Media department of a company if I want to do a review, telling them I have a blog, what the blog is about, and my stats. Then they will respond in kind. :) (Responding to a question you asked on my blog). Thanks for visiting!

    1. Just a courtesy FYI, a giveaway has been added to that review if you'd like to enter. Woot!


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